12 years → 6 years cut, “Carlos, good luck” New York M’s cool reaction

Carlos Correa went round and round and ended up remaining in the original team.

The Minnesota Twins held a press conference on the 12th (Korean time) after completing Correa’s physical examination at the target field in their home stadium.

On this day, Correa spent a lot of time explaining her physical condition, especially the condition of her ankle, which had undergone surgery nine years ago.

Correa said, “A lot of doctors said that my body was fine. Some doctors said it wasn’t. After the surgery, I’ve never missed a game because of the problem in that area. So it was a shock. I never even received treatment. “My ankle never hurt.”

Correa previously signed contracts with the San Francisco Giants for 350 million dollars in 13 years and with the New York Mets for 315 million dollars in 12 years. Both clubs have taken issue with Correa’s fractured right ankle and calf while sliding in the Houston Astros minor leagues in 2014.

Although he has never been on the injured list because of his ankle after surgery, the two clubs urged renegotiation to revise the contract after the medical staff explained that the risk of injury was high in the long term.

At the time the Mets agreed to the contract, owner Steve Cohen expressed a great welcome, saying, “We needed one more. This is it. It’s a very important contract. It will put us on top.” Shortly after the contract agreement with Correa was reported in the news, there was also a report that tickets for Mets home games this season were booked for $1 million. However, the Mets later changed their stance 180 degrees, saying, “I am very disappointed with Correa.”

It was not disclosed what the Mets proposed to correct for Correa, but it is said that after a certain period of time, the club option to receive a physical examination has been greatly increased.

“We’re not saying the doctors who diagnosed Correa were wrong,” said agent Scott Boras. He was confident that Corea’s ankle condition would not be a problem, unlike what was shown on the MRI.

However, Correa was not offered the level of conditions he wanted even from Minnesota. His guarantee is 6 years and 200 million dollars, and over the next 4 years, he will receive another 70 million dollars depending on his physical condition and records. 온라인바카라.It is a four-year club option that runs when he completes 575 plate appearances in 2028, the sixth year of his contract.

So if you’re healthy, you get $270 million for up to 10 years. By drastically reducing the average annual salary in the second half of the contract period, it is to prepare for the risk of injury that will increase in the mid-30s. Minnesota initially offered a condition of guaranteeing $285 million over 10 years.

Correa expressed his feelings, “A lot of problems hit us during free agency negotiations this time. But on the last day, Boras guided me to a place where I could be happy and feel comfortable.”

Minnesota President Derek Falvey said, “Our club watched the whole process. We tried to find a creative solution that would satisfy both the club and Carlos.”

Then, how did the Mets team react when they boldly gave up Correa? The Metz sent a short message through a press release that day, saying, “We could not reach an agreement. We wish Carlos all the best.”

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