2023 K-League All-Star Coupang Play ‘Digital Exclusive Live Broadcast’… 17 cameras attached

Coupang Play announced that it will exclusively digitally broadcast all matches of the 2023 K League 1, which will begin on Saturday, February 25, and the K League 2, which will begin on Wednesday, March 1. It is the first time since the launch of the league that the K-League, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, will be broadcast digitally and exclusively live on OTT. As a result, Coupang Play is fully prepared to provide K-League games with a more vivid and improved viewing experience.

First of all, the main matches of this season will be organized as ‘Couple Pick’. ‘Couple Pick’ is a game produced and transmitted by Coupang Play, separate from TV broadcasting. With up to 17 cameras, lively relay screens and previews with colorful angles are provided, so you can expect a satisfying viewing experience. The first ‘Couple Pick’ of this season is the K-League 1 opening match between Ulsan and Jeonbuk on February 25th (Sat) at 14:00.

In addition, the transmission quality is expected to be significantly improved compared to last season. The secret is to reduce the degradation of image quality by reducing the transmission stage from the K-League site to Coupang Play from the existing 4 stages to 3 stages.

In addition, Coupang Play will sequentially release the club’s documentary, including the 2022 season K-League original series ‘THE K’ jointly produced by the Korea Professional Football Federation and Sky Sports.

‘THE K’ contains the whole process of the 2022 season from the perspective of K-League members, and honestly unravels the contents that fans might be curious about, such as the players’ vivid back stories, the K-League adaptation period of foreign players, and the final moments of players about to retire. there is. 메이저놀이터

Incheon United’s ‘Emergency 2022’ and Daejeon Hana Citizen’s ‘WE GO UP’ each contain the behind-the-scenes stories of the two teams that achieved their dream stage of advancing to the AFC Champions League and promotion to K-League 1 in the 2022 season. In addition, FC Anyang, who advanced to the promotion playoffs for the first time in the club’s 10-year history, “Raise your head and look at the fans when it’s hard” and Seongnam FC’s “OUR CITY OUR CLUB” will be additionally organized in February. am.

The 2023 K League 1 and 2, which will thrill many football fans, will open on February 25 (Sat) and March 1 (Wed), respectively, and all matches can be enjoyed live and replayed through Coupang Play. Coupang Play can be enjoyed on various devices such as mobile, PC, tablet, and TV.

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