208 billion ransom ‘Europe’s best talent’ future decision during A-match break

The A match is decided during the break!

It is news that Dortmund’s ‘Europe’s best talent’ Jude Bellingham will make a final decision on whether to transfer during this month’s A match.

The 19-year-old star is considered the biggest transfer player this summer. Bellingham, who moved to Dortmund in 2020 and grew into the core of the team, also played a pivotal role in the Qatar World Cup England team, raising stock prices.

Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea are currently chasing Bellingham, with Real Madrid among the potential destinations. 안전놀이터

Dortmund obviously want Bellingham to stay. However, he predicts that the circulating market situation will not make it easy to catch him. Dortmund is considering 150 million euros (about 208 billion won) for Bellingham’s ransom.

German media ‘Bild’ reported that Bellingham and his agent would have a meeting with Dortmund’s leadership during the A-match break this month to discuss the future. The media claimed that it would be revealed whether Bellingham would leave or not. It is said that Dortmund is currently looking at a half-and-half chance of being caught.

If Bellingham chooses to stay at Dortmund, Dortmund are planning to significantly increase his annual salary, which currently stands at 6 million euros.

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