Brilliant ‘Klinsman Division’, Divided work between Korea and Europe ‘Controversial’

The coaching staff to accompany the new head coach Jurgen Klinsmann (59) of the German national team A has been confirmed. The face is gorgeous. On the 9th, the Korea Football Association unveiled the A national team coach and technical advisor. It consisted of a total of 6 people, 4 foreigners and 2 Koreans. The head coach is Andreas Herzog (55, Austria). From 1988 to 2003, he played 103 matches for the Austrian national team and scored 26 goals. He also served as the coach of the A national team in Austria (2008-2009) and Israel (2018-2020). Coach Klinsman and I ate rice in the US national team. Coach Paolo Stringara (61, Italy), who has a lot of bones in Italy’s Serie A, will also join. As a goalkeeper coach, ‘German legend’ Andreas Köpke (61) joins. The physical coach is Werner Leutard (61, Germany).

As a Korean staff member, Kim Young-min, former national team coach (50), joins the team. Coach Kim has been active in the A national team since the days of coach Paulo Bento. Cha Doo-ri (43), head of FC Seoul’s Youth Enhancement Office, accompanies him as a technical advisor. However, the tea advisor will accompany only until the end of the Qatar Asian Cup in January next year. Coach Klinsman said at a press conference held at NFC in Paju on the 9th, “Cha Doo-ri is in charge of FC Seoul. He plays the role of technical advisor in the national team. Cha Doo-ri should play an important role. 메이저놀이터 We will be able to learn a lot about the K-League. same,” he explained.

Coach Klinsman seems to take a different approach to using domestic and foreign coaches. Korean staff will focus on the K-League, while foreign staff will check the European squad locally. Communication is planned to be conducted via video conference (Zoom).

He said, “I plan to reside in Korea. However, coaches from Europe will work in their respective countries. “You don’t have to physically be in Korea. It’s better to have the players where they are. The K-League will be handled by Cha Doo-ri, coach Michael Kim, and me.”

The important criterion for the Football Association to sign a contract with coach Klinsman is ‘residence in the country’. Director Klinsman stays in Korea as per his contract. However, the ‘Klinsman Division’ left room for controversy because the foreign coaches stayed in Europe.

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