Coach Lim Jong-heon of ‘Suwon Jeon himself’ “I didn’t feel like the players were being pushed back”

Lim Jong-heon, head coach of Ansan Greeners, expressed his confidence in the match against Suwon Samsung. This is because there is an experience of facing head-to-head during the winter field training. 

Ansan will play the 3rd round of the FA Cup against K-League 1 Suwon Samsung at Ansan Wa~ Stadium at 7:00 pm on the 12th. 

Both teams desperately need a turnaround. Ansan, who won their first win this season against Chungnam Asan FC in the second round of the K-League 2, fell into a swamp of 3 games without a win (1 draw, 2 losses). In particular, in the previous league match against Seoul E-Land, they lost 1-4. Even in the league, you need to win to rebound. Suwon also failed to win a win in six league matches this season, and is at the bottom of the table.

Coach Lim Jong-heon, who faced reporters before the game, said, “Our situation is not very good right now. Focus on non-runners. You have to pay attention to the league. 6 games in April. forced to do so I wanted to challenge Suwon Samsung, but I think the players will do well.”

Ansan had a practice game with Suwon during the 2023 winter field training. Head coach Lim Jong-heon said, “We lost 1-2 in Jeju, but the players said they didn’t feel that they were being pushed or failed in the game that day. Suwon also (Jujeon) is missing a lot. If it doesn’t work in the second half, I think we will send it out, but we also have to fight. I have confidence,” he said. 

Ansan, who is worried about midfield, conducts an experiment to appoint striker Kim Gyeong-jun as a midfielder against Suwon. Coach Lim Jong-heon said, “I use Gyeong-jun as a midfielder while using a three-back. He had the idea that midfielders were weak since the winter season, so he told Kyung-jun to keep practicing and think about it. Going to test it today. Since Kyung-jun is in midfield, I plan to go 3-4-3.”  메이저놀이터

Beating Suwon is important, but I thought the match itself with the K-League 1 team would be a good experience. Coach Lim Jong-heon said, “The fact that we play against Suwon Samsung is our motivation. If we get good results here, I think we will gain strength in the league game as well. Even if it is wrong, do it without much burden. I think I have enough motivation, so I think I will work hard.”

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