“Curling world competition in the living room… Aiming for Korea’s first medal”

The 2023 Gangneung Mixed Doubles Curling World Championships will be held at the Gangneung Curling Center from the 22nd. In this event, 20 countries, including Korea, will participate and compete fiercely for the last ‘world medal’ of this season.

The duo of Kim Ji-yoon and Jung Byung-jin, who are participating in the world competition held in ‘Anbang’ for the first time in a long time, do not miss this fierce battle. The two players, who belong to the same Seoul City Hall, will compete for the first international medal in Korea’s mixed double curling history after nine months of training and participation in overseas mixed double tour events since the selection of the national team last July.

After training in Jincheon, the two players, who started to ‘adapt to Gangneung’ in earnest, expressed their determination through a phone interview, “I want to bring Korea’s first mixed doubles curling world championship medal by focusing on each game.”

“It’s amazing to meet foreign players in Korea”

Jiyoon Kim and Byungjin Jeong both have thick ‘fine bones’ in their experience on the international stage.

Jung Byung-jin served as the national team for the 2018-2019 season and participated in the Universiade. He became the first player this season to serve with a mixed doubles national team and a quartet men’s national team. Kim Ji-yoon also participated in the Lausanne Youth Winter Olympics in 2020, and also participated in the Mixed Doubles Curling World Championships in 2021.

In particular, Jeong Byung-jin participated with the Taegeuk mark at the Asia Pacific Championships held at the Gangneung Curling Center in 2018, five years ago. Jeong Byung-jin said, “It was my first national team five years ago, and it wasn’t easy because I was young,” and laughed, “Now I’ve accumulated a lot of experience, and I feel more comfortable doing it in my home room, so I feel more comfortable now.”

Jeong Byung-jin, who also participated in the Men’s World Championship held in Ottawa, Canada in early April, said, “Even after going to the Men’s World Championship, we talked about the Mixed Doubles World Championship among foreign players.” He even did his own ‘welcoming guests’.  토토사이트

Kim Ji-yoon also looked back on her experience two years ago. Kim Ji-yoon said, “A lot of the players I met at the World Championships two years ago came to Gangneung. More than anything else, it was amazing to meet such players in Korea, and it was also new that I was in a more familiar environment in an international competition.” He also revealed his feelings about the game being played in Korea.

In particular, I was curious about the impressions of the Gangneung Curling Center, which opened its doors to players starting with official practice on the 21st after remodeling for the world championships. Kim Ji-yoon, who went to the stadium the day before the official practice, said, “I went to the Gangneung Curling Center with a little time left, and the seats were changed and a sponsor was attached.”

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