‘Defending champion’ SSG, 1st and 2nd spring camp ends… Best prospect growth performance

SSG Landers, the 2022 season integrated championship team, has completed all of the 2023 spring camp schedule amid the growth of promising players.

The SSG club finished the 2nd camp in Okinawa, Japan on the 7th. SSG, which held its first camp for two weeks in Vero Beach, Florida, USA on the 1st of last month, went back and forth between the United States and Japan to complete the training schedule.

SSG, who won the wire-to-wire championship in the 2022 regular season, defeated the Kiwoom Heroes 4-2 in the Korean Series and rose to the top.

Compared to last year, there are some departures from the mound, but most of the others are maintained, aiming for a second consecutive victory in the Korean Series this year.

SSG, who felt that the growth of prospects was desperate to achieve another good performance, provided an opportunity by accompanying four newcomers to the 2023 season during the first camp. Three rookies in the 2022 season were also included.

The results were clear. The young players learned from the coaching staff’s leadership and the seniors’ exemplary training posture, and equipped themselves with attitudes as professional players.

Among them, the one that stood out the most was Iroun. Lee Rowoon, from Daegu High School, recorded an average ERA of 1.80 with 2 wins and 2 losses in the 2022 high school league. 오락실 토토

His stable pitch with a heavy fastball of up to 150 km captured the hearts of scouts, and in the 2023 draft, he was nominated by SSG as the 5th overall pick in the first round and succeeded in going directly to the pro.

Lee Rowoon’s appearance, which reminds me of Chae Byung-yong, who played an active part in SK Wyverns (predecessor of SSG) in the past, drew attention from general manager Kim Seong-yong to director Kim Won-hyung as well as seniors.

Lee Ro-Woon, who has unmatched confidence and decent skills, built up his body steadily in his first overseas camp as a professional, and also improved the perfection of his command.

As a result, Rowoon Lee was selected as the MVP of the 2nd camp. It is rare for a rookie to join and receive an MVP in spring camp, which means that the potential for growth has been highly evaluated.

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