Director exit, locker room banned like Bento… What has changed in the ‘2023 K League’?

In the 2023 season, which marks the 40th anniversary of its launch, there are big and small changes in the K-League.

On the 23rd, the Korea Professional Football Federation announced the changes in the K-League for the new season.First of all, the number of teams participating in the K-League this season has increased from 23 to 25. In the K-League 1, which opens on the 25th, 12 teams will compete as before. K-League 2, which starts on March 1, will have 13 teams each playing 36 games as Chungbuk Cheongju FC and Cheonan City FC join.

In the case of K-League 1, the maximum number of foreign players per team has been expanded to a total of six players, including five players regardless of nationality and one nationality from an Asian Football Confederation (AFC) member country.

All registered foreign players can be included in the list of 18 players, but the number of players who can participate at the same time is limited to 3 players of any nationality and 1 player from an AFC member country. As the limit on foreign players is increased, the Southeast Asian quota will be abolished.

K-League 2 will maintain the existing ‘3 players regardless of nationality + 1 nationality from an AFC member country + 1 nationality from Southeast Asia’. 온라인바카라

In addition to this, the Pro League decided to flexibly operate the contract period for rental players. Previously, the contracts of all Korean players were supposed to be terminated on December 31st, but in the case of leases, an exception was made to amend the rules so that they could be terminated during the additional registration period.

In addition, coaching staff who have been suspended are not allowed to enter the locker room, hold official press conferences, or conduct pre- and post-game interviews in accordance with FIFA rules. In the case of the manager’s official press conference, if the manager is suspended, an agent must attend.

The case of coach Paulo Bento, who was sent off against Ghana at the Qatar World Cup last year, was applied.

In addition, the professional federation decided to add ‘sports scientist’ to the type of team staff to be registered to manage the players’ physical and strengthen the professionalism of the leader.

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