Enjoy Jeju closer and more special! “Premium Seat Upgrade”

Jeju United’s premium seats add to the realism and intuition of the scene with a different charm.

Jeju opened premium seats in August last year. The existing VIP seats, which were located in the center of the W seats, were moved to the top and replaced with fan-oriented premium seats.

By making the World Cup Promotion Hall into a gate exclusively for premium seats, it is possible to enter the stadium faster, and the satisfaction of viewing has been increased by securing a new view. The space between seats is wide, and cup holders are installed to help you enjoy a pleasant viewing experience.

Fans’ reaction was enthusiastic. Last season, a total of 1,216 people visited the premium seats, followed by 251 spectators in the premium seats alone in the home opening game against Suwon FC on February 26 (Sunday), which set the record for the most spectators (8,362) since the 2018 season when paid spectators began counting. crowded

In particular, Jeju is presenting various gifts and holding a welcome event for premium seat spectators this season. The most popular event is the fan signing event. For every home game, 1 or 2 Jeju players will hold a fan signing event for the premium seat spectators.

In the last home opener, Yeon Je-woon and Jin Seong-wook attended a special autograph session. Fans looking for premium seats can share a special connection with the players closer and in a more special place (World Cup PR Hall).

In addition, if you enjoy premium seats with season tickets, you can have your own seat with your name engraved in the area adjacent to the field, further strengthening fan loyalty.

Premium seats are the places where you can feel more than 90 minutes. Jeju also prepared a special premium seat event for the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 Round 4 home match against FC Seoul to be held on March 18 (Sat) at 4:30 pm at the Jeju World Cup Stadium. Premium seat tickets can be purchased after accessing the ticket link and searching for Jeju United (sports event). On-site reservations are available from 2 hours before the start of the game until the start of the second half. 안전놀이터

An official from Jeju said, “We are accelerating the renovation and repair of the Jeju World Cup Stadium and the improvement of fan-oriented facilities with Seogwipo City. In particular, through the opening of premium seats, we will be able to put more effort into revitalizing the Jeju World Cup Stadium and creating a soccer boom. Here “We are not satisfied and continue to put our heart and soul into giving premium seat visitors a more special and unique taste of intuition. You can look forward to it. I hope that more people will find premium seats.”

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