Espeho wearing a Korean Air uniform “I’ll show you that there are people who are good at volleyball in the Philippines”

“This is really heavy. Now it’s a new challenge. We are ready.”

Marc Espeho (26, Philippines), selected by Korean Air, the V-League men’s champion, happily expressed his aspirations while looking down at the team logo on the left chest of his uniform. Espeho, a 191 cm outside hitter, was expected to be nominated in the 2023 KOVO Men’s Asian Quarter Draft, but was nominated by an unexpected team sooner in a different flow than expected.

Korean Air selected the third nomination at a tryout event held at the Sun Hotel in Jeju City on the 27th. Korean Air, whose first goal was to strengthen the Libero, lost out in the competition to select Libero Iga Ryohei (Japan) as KEPCO, which had the same concerns, took the second place. Nevertheless, he was able to pick Bayarsaihan (Mongolia), who was the first strong candidate, but Espeho was the choice of coach Tommy Tilikhainen. Espejo said, “When the draft started, I was so nervous that I thought my heart would explode. I didn’t expect him because it was the defending champion team, but I’m honored and happy that Korean Air picked me.” Even among the players, there were rumors that Korean Air would select a libero, so the reaction was that he did not expect it either.

Although he was nominated through fierce competition, he has to survive in the ‘Star Corps’ Korean Air. Korean Air is especially strong in the outside heater position played by Espejo. Jung Ji-seok and Kwak Seung-seok, national players, and Jeong Han-yong, who showed good performance last season, are holding out. However, Espejo said, “I am also a (Philippines) national team player. He has to compete, but he will do his best for the team by helping his teammates.” Recalling the memory of playing in Myanmar when he was a 23-year-old national team with Jeong Ji-seok, he added, “I look forward to playing on the same team now.” 온라인카지노

The Philippines is particularly popular in Asia for basketball. Espejo also played basketball up until his high school years. “I am right-handed in volleyball, but I am left-handed in basketball, but I ended up playing volleyball because I injured my left hand,” he said. “In the Philippines, basketball is the main sport, followed by women’s volleyball. I hope my playing in the V-League will be a (popular) turning point. He also talked about his great ambition, “I hope I can become a tool for the Philippines (men’s volleyball).

Espeho, who introduced himself by saying, “It’s embarrassing, but I think I’m an icon in men’s volleyball in the Philippines,” has experience playing in various countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, and Japan. He said, “I like the challenge itself. He learns while playing in overseas leagues, and enjoys pressure situations,” he said. “I have been looking forward to playing in the Korean V-League. I want to show that there are people who are good at volleyball in the Philippines,” he said with a laugh.

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