“Face UP from the beginning”… ‘Technology’ Arizona-‘Practical battle’ Taiwan, ‘will to win’ in camp dualization

Kiwoom Heroes showed a strong ‘will to win’ from spring camp.

Kiwoom split the spring camp this season. On the 29th of last month, the Arizona camp in the United States will focus on basic training and skill improvement led by coach Hong Won-ki. A large number of first-team players were included, but new players such as Kim Gun-hee, Kim Dong-heon, and Song Jae-sun also left.

The Taiwanese camp, led by Seol Jong-jin, head coach of Goyang Heroes (Kiwoom Futures), will focus on actual combat. After the initial training in Goyang, where the Futures facility is located, they departed for Kaohsiung, Taiwan on the 7th. Most of the players played in the Futures League last year, but players who were active in the first team, such as Lee Yong-gyu, Song Seong-moon, and Kim Jun-wan, also left for Taiwan.

At the Taiwanese camp, the idea is to play more than 10 actual matches, including a head-to-head match against a Taiwanese pro club.

In an interview before leaving for the country on the 7th, coach Seol explained, “Taiwan camp plans to build a body early and improve condition quickly. Also, the key is for young players to bring out their potential quickly.”

Coach Seol said, “It’s actually the first time I’ve been to a camp like this. It’s a burden because I have an obligation to prepare well for the demonstration game or the main game, but I think I have to do my best.”

There are veterans and rookies together, but the overall training direction will be similar. Coach Seol said, “There won’t be a big difference in the training schedule. However, there will be a difference in the frequency of business trips when playing games.”

The reason for organizing the actual battle-oriented camp was the will to rise from the beginning. Kiwoom, who finished runner-up in the Korean Series last year, 토토사이트 showed a strong will to win this year by recruiting free agent Won Jong-hyun and Futures free agent Lee Hyung-jong.

Coach Seol said, “There are players who need to quickly pick up the pace from the beginning in order to win. In April and May, if the pace is good, it will be an environment where you can relax a little more in the second half. The beginning is important,” he said. We are running a camp like this. If it goes well, I think we will have a good game this year.”

Lee Yong-gyu, who built his body at the Taiwanese camp, also said, “I’ve never had a good time in the beginning of the pro game. I want to think positively and play the game a little faster. I’m looking forward to that part.”

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