Ha-sung Kim Miami trade card? “He’s a solid shortstop, he’s good at offense, but the problem is… ”

Kim Ha-seong (28‧ San Diego) is unintentionally crossing the vast American continent during this offseason. Teams in need of a shortstop are everywhere, and San Diego, which seemingly has room for the position, is getting attention in the trade market.

San Diego signed an 11-year, $280 million contract with All-Star shortstop Zander Bogarts this offseason. There is a possibility that Fernando Tatis Jr., who will return in the middle of the season, will be moved to the outfield from the drug suspension, and Kim Ha-seong, who was the main shortstop last year, will be moved to second base. However, the local media is constantly curious that San Diego needs a starting pitcher, and that there is a possibility of trading Kim Ha-seong if there is a team that offers a suitable card.

While Atlanta, LA Dodgers, and Boston have been associated with Kim Ha-sung at least once, the team that has recently emerged is Miami. Miami is in need of a shortstop again after trading their starting shortstop, Miguel Rojas, to the Los Angeles Dodgers. As a result, prospects were raised that right-hander Pablo Lopez (27), who won 10 wins last year, could be traded for Kim Ha-seong, drawing attention.

It is evaluated that it is a trade rumor that makes enough sense. ‘CBS’, a national broadcasting network in the United States, explored this possibility through 카지노 its podcast program on the 19th (Korean time). In conclusion, Miami needs a shortstop rather than second baseman, Ha-seong Kim is a property with good room for development in defense as well as offense, but it was the point that San Diego’s plan would be known only after a little more time.

Columnist Aram Layton, who appeared on the ‘CBS’ program, said, “I was 26 years old last year. Just as we forgot that he was young for a while, he is a player from overseas and I think it is important that he went through two seasons to adapt.”

“Undoubtedly, the offense in the first season was a bit lumpy,” Leighton said. And you could see that he built on that experience to make his adjusted point production (wRC+) a plus of 105 last year.” And he was better in the second half. I think he is a player who can achieve a wRC+ that is 10-15% above average.”

He then defined, “Ha-seong Kim, who can attack while playing excellent defense, is a really solid shortstop.” However, he said that it was too early to give a definite answer about the possibility of a trade. This is because San Diego’s positional traffic control has not been clearly done yet. It was predicted that this would determine whether San Diego would put Kim Ha-seong on the market or not.

“The biggest reason I’m confused about this trade discussion is because I don’t know how San Diego is going to move their players,” Leighton said.

In fact, San Diego recruited Matt Carpenter for the first base spot and veteran Nelson Crews for the left-handed designated hitter spot. In this case, you can leave Jake Cronenworth at second base and trade Kim Ha-seong. However, if San Diego moves Cronenworth to first base, Ha-seong Kim becomes a virtual non-tradeable resource as the starting second baseman. It is expected that the trade of Kim Ha-seong will also be influenced by San Diego’s plan. It has the potential to be a hot topic throughout the season.

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