Holland reveals his 19-year-old girlfriend… ‘Long-term love’ since youth

Erling Holland (22), who led Manchester City to victory in the English Premier League, attended a celebration party with his girlfriend.

According to the British Daily Mirror, Holland accompanied his girlfriend Isabel Johansson (19) to a victory party held at a nightclub in Manchester after the game against Chelsea on the 21st.

Hollanden and Johansson enjoyed a party wearing sky blue pajamas symbolizing Manchester City. Johansson even matched her bag to sky blue.

The relationship between Holland and Johansson began in Brune, Norway.

Haaland, who was at the Brüné Academy at the time, met Johansson, who was working part-time at a fashion store in Brüné.

According to The Sun in England, the two, who had a chance relationship, started replacing Haaland when he moved to Dortmund.

A source said: “Their relationship is very serious. Isabelle has traveled to Germany and England (to see Haaland) and has been with Haaland on days off.”

“Holland has the world at his feet, and women are lining up to take him over. But he’s a very discerning young man. He knows he’s with a girl he’s known for years from home.” “You have to be able to focus only on football,” he said.

The Holland couple spent perhaps the longest time together during the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. This is because Holland’s Norway did not advance to the World Cup finals. The two reportedly enjoyed a vacation in Marbella, Spain, where Holland’s villa is located.

Haaland’s father, Alf Inge Haaland, attended the championship party after the match against Chelsea. Alf Inge Holland also wore a sky blue T-shirt, but unlike the Holland couple in pajamas, he wore a black jacket.

Manchester City players, like Haaland, showed up at the championship party with girlfriends or wives. Captain Ilkay Gundogan dressed himself in a white T-shirt and black jacket. 먹튀검증

Haaland is considered the Manchester City player who enjoyed the winning party the most. He was amused by posting pictures of himself cooking steaks on Instagram.

Kyle Walker garnered attention with a song demeaning rivals Manchester United. Walker, who started singing ‘Johnny, Johnny Stone’ with teammate John Stones in the lyrics of the 1976 hit song ‘Daq Cool’, changed the lyrics to ‘I hate Manchester United’ and induced the players and fans to ‘sing together’.

Walker’s ‘dissong’ set the stage for the 2022-23 FA Cup final in England. Manchester United and Manchester City face each other for the championship trophy at Wembley on the 4th of next month.

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