I caught Verlander, Senga, and Nemo, but the rating was only ‘B’, there was no choice

Which club spent the most money in the FA market this time?

According to Cot’s Baseball, a major league salary website, as of the 12th (Korean time), the New York Mets rank first with $461.67 million (approximately 604.5 billion won).

Then, the New York Yankees spent $411.5 million, including contract renewals with Aaron Judge (9 years, $360 million) and Anthony Rizzo (2 years, $40 million), and ranked second, with shortstop Trey Turner’s 11 years, $300 million. The Philadelphia Phillies, who spent 387 million dollars, including . . , ranked 3rd, and the San Diego Padres, who brought Xander Bogaerts for 280 million dollars in 11 years, ranked 4th with 352 million dollars.

The Texas Rangers, who spent an all-time high of $580.7 million in the offseason last year, also invested $229.65 million, including buying Jacob deGrom for $185 million over five years, showing off their spending.

Among them, the reason 스포츠토토 why the Mets are attracting the most attention is that the stance of ‘buy all if necessary’ is not broken. The Mets reached their peak by signing Justin Verlander for 2 years, $86.67 million and outfielder Brandon Nemo for 8 years, $162 million, and continued their momentum by acquiring Japanese pitcher Senga Godai for 5 years, $75 million.

If so, how much has the Mets improved compared to this year? ESPN shed light on the Mets’ off-season performance with an article titled, ‘The Mets are pouring in so much money, have they gotten any better?’ Reporter David Schoenfield, who wrote the article, gave the offseason rating ‘B’, saying ‘it didn’t get much better’ in the conclusion. It is interpreted that there was no significant change in its own power.

Other free agent contracts the Mets have signed are closer Edwin Diaz for five years and $102 million, starter Jose Quintana for two years and $26 million, and bullpen David Robertson for one year and $10 million.

Of the six players, Nemo and Diaz have two new contracts, and the other four are externally recruited. Renewing the contract means there is no change in power, so it cannot be a controversial issue. Even in the case of external recruiting, Verlander is a replacement agent for Jacob deGrom, who announced a breakup after a conflict. Reporter Schoenfield analyzes that Senga, who has not yet been verified, is a replacement resource for Chris Bassett, Quintana for Taihuan Walker, and Robertson for Adam Ottavino.

Here, Brooks Reilly, who was brought from the Tampa Bay Rays through a trade, can be seen as replacing Seth Lugo, who was the setup man. Walker left with a four-year, $72 million contract with Philadelphia, and although Bassett, Ottavino, and Lugo are still free agents, they are unlikely to re-sign with the Mets. To catch them, you have to spend a lot of money again.

Reporter Schoenfield said, ‘It takes a lot of money to reinforce power through free agency. “The Mets had no other choice this offseason if they wanted to win next year,” he said. “The Mets look like they need another bullpen, but the Mets deal is virtually over.”

According to a newly agreed labor-management agreement in March, the Mets will have to pay about $76 million in luxury taxes next year. Regarding this, owner Steve Cohen said, “It’s better than a bridge named after me” when the word “Cohen Tax” came out regarding the strengthening of the luxury tax regulations during labor-management negotiations. It showed the willingness to spend as much as possible without worrying about taxes.

The Mets have built a top-notch starting rotation. Verlander and Max Scherzer are a one-two punch, and Quintana, Senga, Carlos Carrasco, and David Peterson are behind. Director Buck Showalter deserves to be evaluated as a satisfactory composition because he can use a six-man rotation considering the ages of Verlander and Scherzer.

Reporter Schoenfield gave ‘A++++++’ in terms of competition in the National League East Division. It is worth fighting against the Atlanta Braves and the Philadelphia Phillies, who will compete for the district title. Reporter Schoenfield said, ‘The Mets could make a 100-win season next year. But it’s still not enough to beat the Braves and defending league champion Phillies for the district title.’

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