‘I only played one game’ ‘injury advisory’ issued to the K-League

An ‘injury advisory’ was issued in the K League 1. The K League 1 opened spectacularly last weekend with 101,632 spectators, the highest since the promotion and relegation system was introduced in 2013. From the first edition, hot matches continued, quenching the thirst of fans who had been waiting for the K-League for over three months. There was also an aftereffect of the famous match that enthralled the fans. After only one game, the injuries started one after another.
In the ‘Hyundai Derby’ between Jeonbuk Hyundai and Ulsan Hyundai, which drew the most attention, ‘Speed ​​Star’ Lee Dong-jun (Jeonbuk) and Um Won-sang (Ulsan) collapsed while holding their back muscles. Both players injured their hamstrings. In the case of Lee Dong-jun, after returning from Hertha Berlin (Germany), he fought hard throughout the winter and showed a sharp appearance throughout the game, but he cried because of his injury. Lee Dong-jun is expected to be unable to compete for the month of March. Jun Amano was also substituted midway due to muscle cramps.

Jeju United faced difficulties from the first game. Jeju, which played the home opening game against Suwon FC, suffered a ‘mental breakdown’ when Choi Young-joon, the ‘captain’ and ‘core of the midfield’, injured his knee. Choi Yeong-joon sensed a serious injury to the point of shaking his hand the moment he fell. Choi Young-joon, whose cruciate ligament was ruptured, is inevitable for at least six months. In addition to Choi Young-Jun, Jeju also fell into a swamp of injuries that day, including wingback Jeon Seong-jin and center back Kim Oh-gyu. Jeon Seong-jin was substituted out in the 19th minute of the second half due to hamstring pain, and Kim O-gyu suffered from a concussion, and an ambulance was called in. 메이저놀이터 Director Ki-il Nam sighed.

Daegu FC’s Hong Cheol was seriously injured. In the match against Pohang Steelers, Hong Chul, who started the match, collided with Oberdan in the 11th minute of the first half and collapsed. It was a serious injury that ruptured the ligament on the side of his knee. It is difficult for Hong Chul to participate for the time being.

In fact, the commanders of each team did not express their feelings, but they were very concerned about injuries. Already, several teams have lost key resources in practice matches. Gangwon FC’s Alibayev and Pohang’s Wanderson were injured, so they couldn’t participate in the opening match. In still cold weather, it is a hard aftermath to the ground. In addition, the athletes are not in the best condition as they have just finished winter training. There is bound to be strain on the muscles. That’s why players who use speed as a weapon were injured a lot, especially hamstring injuries.

The second round, which will be held this weekend, is also in a similar environment. As the season has just started, managing injuries is just as important as collecting points. This is the reason why coaches of each team shout ‘injury warning’.

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