“If it wasn’t for Arteta, I would have mowed the grass” → Arsenal CB writing history

Currently, Ben White is Arsenal’s centre-back, who is running for English Premier League players. He is also an England national team defender.

White’s football career is blossoming as he meets Mikel Arteta. However, he confessed that if he had failed as a soccer player he would have become a gardener.

Arsenal’s 19-year-old Ben White’s life reversal is a hot topic. The Daily Star recently covered the story of White, who could have mowed the ground instead of running it.

Ben White says Arsenal never thought he would become such a star defender when he signed him to Brighton for a transfer fee of £54m in 2021.

“If I hadn’t been a footballer, I would have been working with my father,” White said. His father’s occupation is a gardener.” So, says White, there was no pressure to succeed at all.

“I came into football, but I thought it was okay to do what my father did,” White said. Anyway, I haven’t watched much football. When I was young, watching a soccer game for 5 minutes got boring, so I went outside and played soccer. I didn’t really watch football. Even now, I don’t watch football very well.”

Of course, White doesn’t watch football games at all. He honestly said, “I watch Arsenal games and videos to improve my skills, but I don’t watch games for fun.” This season, White has made 27 Premier League appearances, scoring one goal and providing two assists. 메이저사이트

That one goal was recorded against Bournemouth on the 5th. It was a time when they were struggling to maintain the lead, but Arsenal were trailing Bournemouth 0-2. After Parti chased down a goal, White scored a golden equalizer. The team won a dramatic 3-2 victory.

However, his father, who hates football, doesn’t watch football broadcasts on television, so he would not have watched the game when White scored an important goal for Arsenal.

White doesn’t watch football on television either. But, White said, “When I enter the training ground, I put all my passion into football. 100% focus,” he stressed.

White says his father never seems to have asked him, “Do you want to watch a TV show?” It is the same now.

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