International stage ‘Grand Slam’ dreaming fencing prodigy Kim Do-ha

“I am happy to win two gold medals in the first tournament of the season. I want to be a player who can always smile whether I win or lose.”

Kim Do-ha (Hwaseong Hanul Elementary School 6, Hyangnam Fencing Club), who won two gold medals in the individual and team events at the 52nd President’s Cup National Fencing Championships Men’s Elementary School Epee, which ended on the 22nd, is mentally as strong as her height. also grew up in a dignified manner.

Kim Do-ha is the youngest of two sons between her mother, Myeong-hee Lee, who is the first female national fencing coach, and her father, Seung-seop Kim, who served as the U-23 national team coach. It’s the youngest.

Kim Do-ha, who has been familiar with swords since childhood due to the best environment, entered fencing in the second grade of elementary school, and won five gold medals in the national club competition that year. When she was in her 4th grade, she won the national championship by defeating her older brothers in her 5th and 6th grade, and raised expectations early on as ‘the cotyledon called the cotyledon’.

Since the whole family does fencing, even on weekends when the whole family gathers, the topic is naturally the story of fencing. When the mother and older brother, who live in Jincheon National Training Center and Chungbuk Physical Education High School, come home to Hwaseong on the weekend, it is a daily routine for the three fathers to talk about fencing in the bathroom.

Also, he has a strong desire to win, to the extent that he would play a bet with his older brother by giving him 10 points. Kim Do-ha said, “When the family gathers, my mother talks about the timing of the attack, and my father talks a lot about basic skills.” In addition, by sharing game videos of famous domestic and foreign players, they are considerate to learn their own skills. 온라인카지노

But there are also difficulties. Kim Do-ha confessed, “My parents gave me a lot of advice, so I get technical help, but I have a hard time feeling emotional burden because I’m afraid I’ll do something wrong and harm my family.”

Kim Do-ha, who revealed that her role model is Rio de Janeiro Olympic gold medalist Park Sang-young, is aiming to achieve the Grand Slam on the international stage, which no Korean epee player has yet achieved. First of all, he showed his determination to surpass the 6 gold medals his older brother had won in the individual competitions at national competitions over 2 years in middle school.

On the other hand, Kim Do-ha goes through an English academy and a study room after school and is training for 3 hours a day after school. Even after training with other players, she does not neglect her efforts to the extent that she does her personal training separately.

Kim Do-ha, a left-handed fencer with a high rarity who is growing rapidly as a fencing prospect, expressed his aspirations that he would realize his dreams one by one in the future, taking the opportunity to win two gold medals in this tournament.

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