Interview with Na Sang-ho of ‘Crazy Form’ “Qatar World Cup’s confidence and challenges are the power of awakening”

‘OOO form crazy’. Praise these days is pouring down on FC Seoul’s forward after every match. After 12 rounds, Na Sang-ho has 8 goals and 2 assists. He ranks first in scoring, and became the first player to break 10 offensive points. He has recorded 4 goals and 2 assists in the last 5 games, and he proved his peak form in the home game against Gwangju FC on the 9th. In the 20th minute of the second half, two minutes after being substituted, Hwang Ui-jo finished a cross from the right flank with a scissor kick that was close to skill.

It’s a completely different pace from Na Sang-ho just a year ago. Na Sang-ho, who scored a goal in the opening game against Daegu last season, needed about three more months before he scored his second goal of the season. The season ended with 8 goals and 4 assists, but there were severe ups and downs in terms of performance. The weight of the captain’s armband, which was handed over from Ki Sung-yueng during the season, also seemed to be great.

Na Sang-ho of the 2023 season is a special player who shakes the entire K-League 1 plate. Abandoning the image of a winger who faithfully fulfills his diligent and tactical role, he regained the image of a goal scorer full of destructive power that he showed in Gwangju and Seongnam in the past. The best K-League in April (EA SPORTS K-League Player of the Month) also became his. What triggered it, and what kind of troubles and efforts did Na Sang-ho himself make? He asked directly at GS Champions Park located in Guri.

  • The goal against Gwangju was a wonder goal that would make everyone’s mouth drop open. It was such a wonderful goal that even the reaction of coach Ahn Ik-soo broke the seal.
    A good cross came from Euijo, and in that situation, I decided that it would be better to take it with non-stop shooting rather than touch it once. I handled it confidently, and it seems to have been nicely finished. I think that kind of scene is half confidence. It was a result of the confidence accumulated in the previous games this season. The other half is the result of training. 먹튀검증 It’s a posture that could easily get injured, but I think the part that came out naturally during the game was possible through practice.
  • My condition is so good right now, so I won’t be pushed back in a tolerable competition. Sometimes, if you fall in the opponent’s body fight in the box, you’ll get a penalty kick, but it looks like you’re enduring it.
    I guess not bad. When I get on the pitch, I have a lot of confidence that I can help the team. I also have a desire to do better in the performance part. Because I research and put in effort in that area, it works in the arena.
  • In terms of scoring pace, what is the difference between the past two years in Seoul and now? From an observer’s point of view, the condensed power from the chance explodes. Before, it was like having a lot of movement and losing strength at the end.
    I am really grateful to my colleagues for that. I think they help me a lot. (Lim) Sang-hyup hyung talked about it in an interview, and it is true that Sang-hyup hyung is doing the defensive part that I have to handle as a team. Thank you so much for that sacrifice. Unlike last year, I play in a higher position now. Even if you don’t go down much, the defenders are holding up. Because my other teammates take a step further and join the defense. My tactical job now is to focus on goals. It’s not that I don’t play defense at all. If a dangerous situation could arise from my position, I have to go on defense. But the frequency is less this year. As the number of sprints to join the defense has decreased, I can use that power more on offense.

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