It is no coincidence that Las Vegas has earned the title of the Entertainment Capital of the World. There are many important and even historical casinos around the world: the Casinò di Venezia (1638), the Casino de Spa (1763), and the Kurhaus Casino (1824). However, none of the cities hosting these true architectural gems are renowned as “casino cities.” Does this title still belongs to only one city?

Casino Culture
Casinos 안전놀이터 have the ability to pierce through any social bubble. Hollywood has surely done a great job instilling some world-class casinos in our imagination. James Bond in Casino di Monte Carlo, Ocean’s Eleven robbing The Mirage, The Iron Man playing at Caesars Palace, Elvis shooting Viva Las Vegas at the Tropicana Casino. Those who love casinos, but don’t always have the opportunity to visit one, can check the best gambling sites in NJ.

However, Las Vegas isn’t the only city with amazing casino options, although it might be the most famous one for it. Two other cities are competing with it for the best casino scene, only in the United States. Reno and Atlantic City are two strong contenders for the best casino destination in the country.

Las Vegas leads the casino scene in the country, but it hasn’t always been like that. Also, it doesn’t mean this situation can’t be changed. Before Las Vegas became the Entertainment Capital of the World, Reno was the most popular destination for casino-goers.

Reno is known as “The Biggest Little Town in the World” and is home to 20 land-based casinos. Atlantic City is also built around casino entertainment and has plenty of options for casino lovers.

A World Of Casinos
Casinos are incredibly lucrative businesses. So, many governments worldwide decided to open their minds to it once they realized that the house always wins. Although none of those cities are as loud as Las Vegas about their casinos, they also have a thriving gambling market. Alternatively, have a look at the best online casinos at the moment.

London is famous for many things, but casinos aren’t on the top of this list. Yet, the Big Smoke has quite a few world-class venues, like the Hippodrome, The Victoria Casino, and the Empire Casino. In fact, the city has 35 land-based venues, putting traditional cities like Reno to shame.

With 41 casinos, Macau has established a reputation as the best gambling destination in Asia. There are more casinos in Macau than in the Vegas Strip (33 venues). In fact, many casinos operating in Macau are Las Vegas-based: MGM, Wynn Resorts, and Vegas Sands, among others.

Technically a sovereign city-state, Monaco doesn’t need to host a score of land-based casinos to be famous for it. In fact, it only needed one: the Casino de Monte Carlo. And James Bond, of course. However, this place has been an iconic destination for casino-goers since the 19th century.


Very much like Monaco, Singapore is a city-state that didn’t need dozens of casinos to attract gamblers from all over the world. Singapore has the Marina Bay Sands Resort, one of the biggest and most modern casinos worldwide. Everything about this casino is superlative. There are 2,500 hotel rooms, plus shops, restaurants, pools, and even museums inside the complex. Not to mention its architecture, which has a giant ship on top of three 55-story buildings.

Clearly, Las Vegas isn’t the only destination for unforgettable gambling adventures. However, Sin City is unlikely to lose its position as an imaginary reference for gambling enthusiasts. After all, Las Vegas is still the city with the most casinos (there are over 140 of them around) and most Hollywood movies about it.