Isolation abroad, own goal in Korea… KFA, change is the only answer to avoid ‘lame duck’

The Korea Football Association (KFA) president Chung Mong-kyu is facing a major crisis. This is because the attempt to quietly grant indulgence to 100 soccer players who received severe punishment for various offenses in the past failed. In particular, among them were 48 people who were involved in match-fixing in professional football.

There was a lot of controversy internally as well. Even so, KFA made the worst decision. As if he did not feel proud, he held a board of directors meeting at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 28th of last month, when the national team led by coach Jurgen Klinsmann (Germany) and Uruguay held a friendly match, and announced it an hour before kick-off. You would have expected sensitive issues to be covered by the results of the evaluation match of the newly launched ‘Clins Manho’, but the clumsy ‘trick’ did not work. Public opinion worsened, and criticism and criticism poured in. In addition, fans were even more stunned to remember that the party to the match-fixing incident was Chung, who served as president of the Korea Professional Football Federation at the time.

As the situation did not calm down and even the political circle showed interest, KFA dropped its tail three days after the announcement. An emergency board meeting was held to reverse the decision. However, an all-time own goal cannot be a ‘nothing happened’. Even the insincere attitude that he tried to replace with the reading of Chairman Chung’s statement without minimal communication gave birth to a new ember.

Previously, when former coach Paulo Bento (Portugal) was appointed in August 2018, he ignored the system and procedures that worked perfectly, bringing in director Klinsman and inviting criticism.

It is even more shabby if you expand the scope to the international arena. In the recent FIFA Council member election, Chairman Chung was defeated by candidates from Southeast Asia, such as the Philippines and Malaysia. In the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Asian Cup competition, which took on an impromptu challenge, it was defeated by Qatar, the host country of the 2022 World Cup. It is understandable that the Asian Cup was lagging behind in the ‘war of money’ and competition infrastructure, but the failure to enter FIFA is very painful. This is because he has not properly read the international situation, and the influence of having little physical contact with foreign figures who have the right to vote is large. 메이저놀이터

As such, repeated failures both inside and outside can encourage Chairman Chung’s “lame duck” when his third term ends in January 2025. The head of an organization anywhere in the world will lose strength as the time for resignation approaches, but the timing may be delayed depending on how hard you try.

The only answer is internal reform. Sensitive issues are just urgent to avoid, and you have to stand straight from the top who evades responsibility. If Chairman Chung is to pursue policies with even a little stability for the remainder of his term, he needs to boldly exclude those who did not accurately read domestic and international trends and did not even give proper advice. Chairman Chung, whose achievements have been underestimated due to his futile actions over the past few years, desperately needs new advisors who can put the brakes on KFA’s abnormal behavior and shout ‘No’ and ‘Stop’.

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