Cheonan City FC unveiled a new emblem.

Cheonan City announced a new emblem on the 20th. By changing the emblem to represent the club’s identity, it revealed its will to show a clear presence in the K-League, which will participate from the 2023 season. As it is an emblem that reflects the opinions of people from all walks of life in the region through several briefing sessions, it is expected that 토토사이트 it will be enough to reveal the aspect of a professional team representing Cheonan City.

The newly created emblem contains symbols that can show the history and spirit of Cheonan City, which is related to the city. The tower of the people, a symbolic sculpture of the Independence Hall of Korea and a landmark of Cheonan, occupies the center of the emblem. Beneath it is the torch of martyr Yu Gwan-soon, who led the movement for national independence in Aunae Market. By placing the two symbols at the center of the design, Cheonan, the home of patriotic loyalty, had the spirit of the independence movement and the will to unite the nation for independence through the emblem.

In addition to projecting the historical tradition of Cheonan City, the legacy of the Cheonan City Football Team, which has been active in the K3 League for a long time, has also been inherited through the emblem. By maintaining the shield shape of the existing emblem used during the Cheonan City soccer team, the continuity of the soccer team representing Cheonan was expressed. In addition, we kept the existing team color while using sky blue as the central color that reveals Cheonan, the most comfortable city under the sky.

Cheonan City FC is having a hot winter to transform into a competitive professional team. While the winter convocation training is underway at the Cheonan Soccer Center, the emblem to symbolize the club has been finalized, making it possible to unite as one more team.