It was enough to do just one thing well…Tutani’s ‘5 runs’ shock was sluggish, Tatani’s ‘1, 2, and 3 base hits’ washed away

Even if you go to Moro, you only have to go to victory. Shohei Ohtani (29, LA Angels) led the team to victory by making up for it with batting even though he was sluggish as a starting pitcher.

On the 28th (hereinafter Korean time), Ohtani participated as a starting pitcher and designated hitter number 3 in the 2023 MLB home game against the Oakland Athletics held at Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California, USA. As a pitcher, he recorded 3 hits (2 homers), 5 runs, 8 strikeouts and 5 runs in 6 innings as a pitcher. The team won 8-7, and Ohtani, who came down the mound in a lead situation, became a somewhat embarrassing winning pitcher. Season 4 win undefeated.

The start was perfect. After Ohtani blocked the first inning with a nine-ball tripartite, he finished both the second and third innings with a tripartite. He struck out only five by the third inning.

The problem was 4 times. He wasn’t even in a situation to shake. The Angels faced the situation with an early five-point lead. Ohtani shook sharply after giving up four balls to leading hitter Esteuri Ruiz. After getting to first base, Ruiz succeeded in stealing second base, and Ohtani recorded a wild throw, creating a safe third base situation. He even gave up a walk to follow-up hitter Conor Capel, and as if proving that he was shaken, he allowed Brent Lucker a three-run homer and quickly scored three runs. It was the first home run of the season.

Even after hitting a home run, Ohtani could not regain his pace. He gave up another four balls to the follow-up hitter, Jace Peterson, and recorded another wild pitch. Then, like deja vu, Shay Langellias allowed a two-run four, eventually allowing a tie. The two homers allowed was the first record in 279 days since July 23 last year. After conceding the tie, he was hit by Ryan Noda’s conceded double before starting to get an out count, returning to his previous Ohtani form.

He gave up a lot of runs, but he finished his role by 6 innings. After finishing the 5th inning with a tripartite, he blocked the 6th as well, finishing the start with a total of 93 pitches. As the team regained the lead by adding two runs in the fifth inning, it also fulfilled the winning pitcher requirements. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Tutani’s sluggishness made Tatani forget. Ohtani recorded an infield hit in the first inning with no runners on two outs, and in the second at-bat in the third inning, he scored a first-run double with one RBI in a situation with one out and first and third bases. The follow-up hitter Brandon Drury hit a three-run home run and scored.

After allowing the tie, he could not hit the final blow, but he made a wedge. Ohtani grounded shortstop in the 5th inning when the score was 5-5, but hit a triple with two outs in the 6th inning when the score was 7-5. First three-hit game of the season. Then, when the follow-up hitter Anthony Rendon’s double hit, he stepped on the home base and put a wedge in the game.

Unfortunately, I also missed a cycling hit. On her fifth at-bat in the eighth inning, Ohtani attacked opposing pitcher Richard Lovelady’s first pitch slider and shot it up in front of the middle wall, but center fielder Ruiz caught it. He was a hit that was expected to hit a home run, but ended up just a fly ball and failed to achieve a cycling hit.

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