“It’s a shame that the 1st designation was abolished” ‘Idoryu’ junior goes to Lotte, 1st designation senior’s regret and envy, “I wish I was 1M90…”

Samsung Lions first-round draft pick Won Tae-in, 23, has expressed his disappointment that former Gyeongbuk High School junior Jeon Mir did not make it to Samsung.

Won pitched six innings of three-run ball to lead the Lions to a 10-4 victory over KT in the 14th game of the season at Lions Park in Daegu on Thursday, earning his seventh win of the season. It was his career-high 17th quality start of the season and his third straight win since August 15 against LG Electronics.

During the postgame interview, the topic of the 2024 KBO Draft came up briefly.

I asked him about his acquaintance with Jeon Mir, a fifth-year junior at Gyeongbuk High School who led Cheongryonggi to the high school baseball title this season. Lee has garnered a lot of attention for his all-around athleticism.

“I don’t know him (personally), but he was a student of my dad’s (Won Min-koo, former head coach of Hyeonseong Gyeongbok Joong), so I heard a lot about him wanting to come to Samsung, and I wish I could have come, but it’s a shame that the first pick was abolished.”

Jeon received a lot of support from Samsung fans during his high school days. But he was so good at baseball that he was drafted by the Lotte Giants in the third round.

After being drafted, Jeon wrote on his personal social media account, “Daegu fans, I feel like I’ve received a lot of undeserved attention and love this year. I’m sorry that I can’t repay all of this love, but I think that I can repay the fans’ interest by growing as much as possible from where I am and doing my best to face whoever my opponent is. Although I will continue to play baseball elsewhere, I will never forget the love I received this year. Thank you very much.” Jeon Mir of the Leafs Giants also expressed his gratitude. 토토사이트

Despite not being able to grab Idoryu, Samsung selected a tremendous potent right-handed pitcher in Jang Chung-go with the fourth pick of the first round.

He’s an orthodox pitcher with an imposing frame at 6-foot-1, 190 pounds. “He has all the ingredients to be a starting pitcher, including a fastball, changeup, and stamina,” Samsung said. “With his excellent physical condition and work ethic, we expect him to be a part of our starting staff in the future.”

Won Tae-in also showed a lot of interest in Yuk Sun-yeop.

“I just came to work after seeing the first round pick. I was wondering who we were going to get. Isn’t he going to throw well? He was so tall. He was so big. I was jealous. I wish I was 1.90 meters… (laughs)”

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