Joon-hee Han appointed as ‘Public Relations Vice President’… Will the Korea Football Association become one with the fans?

The Korea Football Association (KFA) is focusing on strengthening the PR and communication sectors, which have recently been criticized as having lost their function.

KFA Chairman Chung Mong-kyu held a press conference on the 3rd at the Seoul Sinmun-ro Soccer Hall, and held a press conference with the announcement of KFA’s new board of directors. On March 28, KFA held a board meeting to grant a surprise pardon to 100 soccer players, and then held a temporary board meeting three days later to withdraw it after facing public opposition. In addition, due to the aftermath, all directors who failed to prevent the amnesty of footballers faced an unprecedented situation in which they resigned en masse. 

And about a month later, Chairman Chung formed a new board of directors, but he broke away from the existing soccer people and raised several names of people from all walks of life related to soccer, and one of them was included as vice chairman.

Vice-Chairman Han has been doing soccer commentary for about 20 years and has a reputation among domestic fans as an expert who provides the most accurate and diligent commentary.

Born in 1970, Han, who graduated from the College of Natural Sciences at Seoul National University and completed a doctoral course in philosophy at the University of Massachusetts, USA, started commentary in 2003. Since this year, he has been recognized for his best career in the industry and has been working at Coupang Play, which exclusively broadcasts the K-League online streaming service. 

After the announcement, Vice Chairman Han said, “I will do my best.”

In addition to Vice Chairman Han, KFA appointed Kuchen CEO Park Jae-soon and former Sports Seoul editor-in-chief Won-seok Won as directors to pay attention to the communication field.

When CEO Park was in charge of Samsung Electronics Korea in the past, he also served as CEO of Suwon Samsung Bluewings and had a relationship with the soccer world. He is known as a highly trusted figure within the K-League. Cuchen became a sponsor of Suwon Samsung in 2019, and I still have a deep affection for professional football. 토토사이트

Former director Wie is the winner of the 2015 Lee Gil-yong Sports Award, and is currently voting for the French football ‘Ballon d’Or’ on behalf of Korea. He has a good reputation in the media and football world.

Chairman Chung said, “Anyone who is a football fan will know the committee member Han Jun-hee as the vice president in charge of public relations. I believe that he will be able to play an important role in actively informing fans of what the association is doing and communicating with the association and the media.” told 

“We will make efforts to strengthen the PR function (within KFA),” he said.

One person in the football world said, “It’s good that Vice President Han, Director Park, and Director Wei work hard in the public relations field, but as a member of the KFA board of directors, we need the courage to say ‘no’ to Chairman Chung and footballers.” 

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