Juventus ’80 million euros’ FW giving up, Newcastle-Arsenal ‘drooling’

Doosan Blahovic is expected to be put up for sale.

According to HITC on the 13th (Korean time), Blahovic made plans to leave the team this summer when manager Maximiliano Allegri stays. Blahovic is one of the best strikers in Italy’s Serie A. After a tremendous performance at Fiorentina, he wore a Juventus uniform in January 2022 for a whopping 80 million euros. Vlahovic, who scored 7 goals in 15 matches after the transfer, is recording 8 goals in 17 matches this season. Of course, it’s a respectable record, but not as much as the Fiorentina days, which received a lot of attention. Blahovic is preparing to transfer to another team, saying that coach Allegri is not using his abilities 100%.

Of course, Juventus do not intend to let go easily. They want at least 100 million euros. However, in the current market suffering from a famine of high-level strikers, it is difficult to avoid a sale like Blahovic. HITC said ‘Newcastle and Arsenal want Blahovic’. Newcastle have struggled to score goals due to Callum Wilson’s sluggishness and Alexander Isaac’s frequent injuries. As Newcastle, who are second to none when it comes to money, the recruitment of proven striker Blahovic is certainly attractive. 메이저놀이터

Arsenal are also targeting Blahovic. Arsenal, who lost their striker due to Gabriel Jesus’ injury, tried to sign Blahovic in the January transfer window. Arsenal are still interested in Blahovic. The key is expected to be the transfer fee.

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