‘Kang Jeong-ho School’ model student… Mock exams are over, time for proof starting in April ‘Launch Angle Revolution’

When will Kang Jung-ho School be effective?

NC veteran outfielder Son A-seop (35) was not very good with a batting average of 0.277, 4 homers, 48 ​​RBIs, 72 points, 7 steals, and an OPS of 0.714 in 138 games in 2022, the first season of a 4-year, 6.4 billion won free agent contract. It’s hard to see that he’s been very sluggish, but his hands have lost some of Asep’s sharpness.

Son A-seop struggled desperately last winter. He moved to Los Angeles, USA from last January and did personal training at Kang Jung-ho Academy. Kang Jeong-ho left the baseball field unsavoryly due to a drunk driving strikeout, but in his second baseball life, he is helping his juniors. 메이저놀이터

Son Ah-seop regretted not spending more time at Kang Jung-ho Academy during Tucson spring camp in February. He confessed that he trained intensely as much as he did. It is rumored that the chemistry between Kang Jeong-ho and coach Huh Il from Lotte was quite good. He checked through the tracking data that the launch angle of the ball was low, and corrected it to about 20 degrees.

It was analyzed that when the batted ball speed is maintained at a certain level or higher while maintaining about 20 degrees, a lot of line drive batted balls come out, and the advantage of taking care of the average and on-base rate is revived. He said that it was about 80% complete at the arrival hall at Incheon Airport, and said that he would supplement it in the demonstration game.

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