KBO corruption exposure, midnight (self-淨) and renewal should be used as an opportunity

In Miguel de Cervantes’ (1547-1616) work ‘Don Quixote’, the main character Don Quixote is synonymous with a reckless person who does nonsense. The reason why Don Quixote is still considered an immortal classic even now, even after four centuries, is because Cervantes well portrayed the true nature of human beings with sentences like the tip of a knife.

I am the first reporter in the 41-year history of professional baseball to expose even a little bit of corruption and irregularities within the KBO. Even though it is a painful article that stabbed the lungs, KBO’s ignoring and ignoring it without any response is like treating me as a ‘Don Quixote’.

But some savvy baseball players are offering encouragement and praise. It is also advised that it should not become a ‘transient’ that stops at just one point. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to add specific examples to urge deep reflection and renewal of the KBO.

In a column two weeks ago, KBO pointed out that accounting audits were not properly conducted at events such as the WBC (World Baseball Classic), postseason, Golden Gloves, and All-Star Games.

In general, the total proceeds are distributed to each club or player after excluding the cost of the event. However, the cost of the event is set arbitrarily by the KBO. Most of them are executed normally, but some expenses are paid only with a receipt. In the process of conducting an event, there are cases where it is unofficially enforced, but it should not be allowed unless it is a direct part related to the possible event.

During the All-Star Game a few years ago, there were rumors that a famous former coach had been paid 1 million won for alcohol. Of course, it was an expenditure that had nothing to do with the All-Star game. This was in accordance with the wrong practice of covering expenses with just a receipt. Exorbitant alcohol bills are paid because accounting audits are not properly conducted.

Even if there is an expenditure receipt, like a general corporation, the title and name of the attendees, and the contents of the meeting must be attached to the expenditure resolution.

When the Korean series was held in Daegu about 10 years ago, the KBO secretariat reserved 100 KTX train tickets for reporters. This is because about 100 reporters from the metropolitan area, including reporters, photojournalists, and producers, go to the site to cover the Korean series. Since it was before the implementation of the Kim Young-ran Act (July 2016), KBO purchased and provided train tickets instead. However, since the personal circumstances of the reporters were different, the number of people actually gathered at Seoul Station at the designated time was about 20 people.

Where are the remaining 70 train tickets going? Of course it was a refund. Was the refund of about 4 million won returned to KBO? It wasn’t. There is a high possibility that it was used for dinner expenses for KBO employees. I know that this method of denial has been going on for years.

This is a story I heard directly from the person concerned. About 20 years ago, an announcer from a broadcasting station hosted the Golden Globe Awards. After the award ceremony, announcer A went to KBO executive B to receive the 2 million won fee he had originally promised. However, the receipt given by executive B was ‘3 million won per day’. 스포츠토토

When announcer A asked, “Why is it 3 million won instead of 2 million won?” It is highly likely that the unofficial cost of 1 million won went into the pocket of executive B. Announcer A says they broke up with a bitter smile.

Of course, it’s not just the KBO. It is also a corruption committed openly by many associations, committees, and alumni associations of various schools in Korea. In civic organizations and labor unions, where cost enforcement should be strictly enforced, the practices of corruption are not cut off.

However, as the corruption and irregularities of the KBO were exposed to some extent through my column, President Heo Gu-yeon should take measures for reform with a determined will of Eupchammasok (泣斬馬謖, correcting order by punishing a beloved subject according to the law). Otherwise, he will not be able to escape the criticism of being ‘one of a kind.’ However, there is no need to declare ‘reflection and renewal’ externally. In the future, it is only necessary to thoroughly implement ‘internal control’, such as properly executing accounting audits or making new regulations and stricter payment regulations related to events. guest reporter

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