Kim Min-jae almost became the successor… 2024 Retirement Announcement “End of an Era”

Last year, when transfer rumors were infested, Kim Min-jae (26, Naples) was mentioned as a replacement player. Italian veteran central defender Leonardo Bonucci (36, Juventus) will untie his soccer shoes at the end of next year.

According to Fabrizio Romano, a European transfer market expert on the 17th (Korean time), Bonucci said, “When I retire in a year, an era of defense will come to an end. I am really proud of the career I have done at Juventus. “he said.

Bonucci is a well-rounded defender in Italy. He prepared for his professional debut with the Inter Milan under-19 (U-19) team and joined the first team in 2007. Later, after gaining experience on loan, he joined Juventus via Genoa and Bari.

During his seven seasons at Juventus, he became one of the best defenders in the world. Although he had no connection with European competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, he won eight Italian Serie A titles and four Coppa Italia (FA Cup) titles with Juventus alone. He also held the 2021 Euro Trophy in his arms as a key player in the Italian national team.

In 2017, he left Juventus and joined rival team AC Milan, and there were rumors. However, after returning to Juventus one season later, he is still a member of the squad. Although he is not a regular player, he has played both in Serie A and Europe, both as a starter and as a substitute.

He signed a new contract with Juventus in 2019, extending the period until 2024. Next year, his contract with Juventus ends and he becomes a free agent (FA). He could have tried on another continent, but decided to end his career at Juventus. 안전놀이터

There is also a connection with Kim Min-jae, who has grown into a Serie A special central defense this season. Last winter, when Kim Min-jae made a big success after joining Naples, local reports said, “Juventus is unlikely, but will contact Kim Min-jae in the January transfer market. Kim Min-jae has been pointed out as a substitute for Bonucci.”

If ‘seol’ became a reality, he could have played for Juventus as Bonucci’s successor. However, this season he led Napoli to its first win in 33 years and played a huge role in the Champions League. Premier League teams, including Manchester United, are trying to take Kim Min-jae by using a buyout.

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