Kim Min-jae, will he become the ‘second science student’?… “Napoli captain wants to go with Juventus”

Juventus, a prestigious Italian club, is rapidly emerging as a candidate for the new destination of Kim Min-jae, the iron pillar of Naples.

It has been argued that general manager Christian Giuntoli, who is about to leave the Napoli club, wants to take Kim Min-jae to Juventus, where he is moving.

The Neapolitan media ‘Area Napoli’ reported on the 18th that football journalist Paolo Esposito made such a claim. The media said, “Esposito believes that Giuntoli is thinking of taking strong defender Kim Min-jae to Juventus.” is unknown,” he said.

It is a new report that Kim Min-jae is going to Italian Serie A, where he has already proven his skills.

Kim Min-jae, who started 33 of Napoli’s 35 matches this season and played 30 full-time, won the League Secretariat’s ‘Player of the Month’ last September and is also considered a strong candidate for this season’s Serie A Best 11. . He is also aiming for the Serie A Best Defender award, which is given to only one player per position.

It means that he has proven his skills in Italy, which is famous for its strong defense. It is likely that Giuntoli will move to Juventus, but news broke that Giuntoli, who played a big role in discovering Kim Min-jae and signing a contract with Napoli last summer, could go to Juventus with Kim Min-jae.

Juventus is a prestigious club that every player in Italy wants to play for at least once. In recent years, it has suffered twists and turns, such as receiving a 15-point deduction during the season due to accounting fraud and recovering, but it is the team that has reached the top the most with 36 championships in the Italian first division. He also achieved feats such as winning the Coppa Italia 14 times and winning the UEFA Champions League twice.

It is also a club that players dream of as much as it is said that if they do well in Serie A, Juventus will definitely take them.

However, the problem is that in the case of Kim Min-jae, the buyout set while signing with Napoli last summer only applies when transferring to an overseas club. Kim Min-jae has a buyout of 50 to 70 million euros (70 to 100 billion won), depending on the club’s sales, from July 1 to 15. Non-Italian clubs who pay this amount to Napoli can sign him after discussing personal terms with Kim Min-jae without negotiating a separate transfer fee.

However, since this provision does not apply to the same Serie A club, it is believed that Kim Min-jae can wear a white and black striped Juventus uniform depending on Giuntoli’s negotiating power and the size of the transfer fee offered by Juventus. 먹튀검증

The hostility of Napoli fans towards Juventus is also a variable.

Napoli had striker Gonzalo Higuain, who scored 71 goals in 104 Serie A matches for three years from 2013, but when he suddenly transferred to Juventus in 2016, Naples fans were furious enough to burn him at the stake.

As Napoli reached the top of Serie A this season after 33 years, fans are even saying to invite players who were active in Napoli in the past to the ‘winning party’, but Higuain is considered a person who should never be invited.

First of all, the possibility of going to Juventus itself is to raise Kim Min-jae’s status, but it seems that several difficulties will follow until it actually comes true.

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