Klinsmann insists on working from home, even after Germany gave up→’I understand the Korean situation’

The controversy over national soccer team coach Klinsmann’s work-from-home policy has gained traction in Germany.

South Korea played Wales to a scoreless 0-0 draw in an exhibition match at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, on Aug. 8 (KST). South Korea managed just one shot on goal against Wales and failed to penetrate their defense. The result leaves the national team without a win in five matches since Klinsmann’s appointment, with three draws and two losses.

Klinsmann, a world-class striker who played a key role in West Germany’s 1990 World Cup triumph in Italy, was named head coach of the German national team in 2004 and led his country to the 2006 World Cup in Germany. The team, which was in a downward spiral at the time, reached the quarterfinals and was considered to have exceeded expectations.

German media outlet Sport reported on August 8, “Klinsmann was first criticized for his residence in Germany some 17 years ago. A year before the 2006 World Cup was held in Germany, the then German national team coach was publicly criticized. As the head coach of Germany, Klinsmann should have been required to live in Germany.

“Despite the unusual controversy, Klinsmann chose not to leave the United States, where he lives, and now he’s doing it again as head coach of the South Korean national team,” the outlet said, adding, “Just like nearly 20 years ago, Klinsmann’s absence is once again being highly criticized. Klinsmann was well aware of the criticism of his behavior when he was head coach of the German national team, just as he is now. Furthermore, ‘Klinsmann was not convincing on the pitch. Klinsmann needs to be recognized for his performances to silence the controversy. In 2006, everything went well and Klinsmann achieved what was thought to be an impossible goal ahead of the World Cup.

Klinsmann addressed the work-from-home controversy through the German kicker: “The job of a national team coach is international. I have to know what’s happening in Europe, I have to understand what the best teams and the best countries are doing and what we can do better.” 바카라

At his press conference in March, Klinsmann said, “I will be based in Korea. The European national team coaches will be based in their respective countries. They don’t have to be physically in Korea. The K League will be handled by coaches Cha Doo-ri and Michael Kim,” but Klinsmann has spent most of his time overseas since taking over as national team coach.

In an interview with South Korean media last month, Klinsmann addressed the controversy over his remote work, saying, “It’s a bit of an exaggeration to say that I don’t live in Korea. Regardless of where I am physically, I think the way I communicate and observe the players is different now than before. I can go to the stadium, but even if I don’t, I’m still in constant contact with my coaching staff in each country and checking in on them. I’m a very active person.

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