“Korean soccer elementary, middle, high school, and college were caught by Japan”… University of Tsukuba ‘lost by 5 runs’, Incheon University’s acting head coach complains

“Korean soccer has caught up with Japan in elementary, middle, high school, and universities.”

Choi Kwang-hoon, acting head coach of Incheon National University, who lost to the University of Tsukuba in the first freshman and sophomore college football championship held in Tokyo, Japan, said bitterly.

In the 1st Korea-Japan 1st and 2nd Year Championship against the University of Tsukuba held at Urayasu Stadium in Chiba Prefecture, Japan on the 20th, Choi allowed a hat-trick to striker Masato Handai and lost 1-5.

Incheon National University won the 19th 1st and 2nd grade soccer tournament held in Tongyeong, Gyeongnam last January and earned the qualification to represent Korea. The University of Tsukuba won the regional qualifier in Japan, in which 12 teams (9 prefecture champions, 3 Tokyo region teams) participated.

Until the first 15 minutes, Incheon University competed evenly with Tsukuba University, who started with a fast attack tempo with strong pressure. However, after giving up the opening goal to Masato from a corner kick in the 21st minute of the first half, defensive mistakes and lack of concentration intertwined, he conceded four more goals.

Acting coach Choi met with reporters immediately after the game and said, “I learned a lot. It seems that Korea has been captured by Japan even at the elementary, middle, high school, and university levels,” he admitted, “Japan is better in terms of fighting spirit and game management.” He said, “I gave up 5 runs, but mistakes were frequent. A lot of players will feel it too. Also, Korea is far behind in the preparation process from coaching staff to training. The opponent is two or three times our staff. Basically, shouldn’t we support (university) leaders first?” 메이저사이트

Also, “Japan has a sense along with cute soccer. Since we focus on strength from a young age, our skills fall short. It’s because the goal is to win. We need to change that even more,” he said.

Incheon National University did not have a sub goalkeeper on the waiting list that day. Kang Dae-gyu, the starting pitcher, was the only Goliath in the entry. Acting coach Choi said, “This is the best. In accordance with the domestic university entrance exam policy, freshmen can select 8 players, but the instructor cannot select the player he wants. And there are many players whose purpose is not soccer, but admission. They quit soccer (after entering). As a leader, he is in a position where he has to embrace and lead a team that is lacking.”

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