‘Lee Jeok-sang’ Kim Jong-woo “Aiming for the second prime in Pohang… I am confident that I will do well like Lee Chung-yong and Ki Sung-yong”

“My goal is to become the ‘King of Pohang.’

The scent of the so-called ‘real man’ flows in full flow. He says it out loud, but the truth is hidden inside. Kim Jong-woo (29), who moved from Gwangju FC to Pohang Steelers this season, had a special resolution. During the field training in Jeju on the 10th, he did not make boring remarks such as “I will do my best” and “I will help the team win”. Instead, he said that he had a goal to achieve in Pohang, and that it was “the king of Pohang.” ‘King of Pohang’, I didn’t understand the meaning.

“Last season, Shin Jin-ho played a central role in Pohang. So does (Kim) Seung-dae. Two players come to mind when thinking of Pohang, but this year I’m going to take on that role.”

Kim Jong-woo’s transfer to Pohang was made urgently. Shin Jin-ho (34), who currently wears an Incheon United uniform, had difficulties renewing his contract with Pohang, and Pohang desperately needed a replacement for Shin Jin-ho. So Pohang contacted Kim Jong-woo. Kim Jong-woo heard from his agency at the end of last month that negotiations with Pohang had broken down. He made up his mind, saying, ‘He will remain in Gwangju, so let’s not think about anything else.’ However, one night after hearing the news of Shin Jin-ho’s transfer, I received a phone call from Pohang coach Kim Ki-dong. The transfer was completed in less than two days. 바카라사이트

Kim Jong-woo, who had participated in Gwangju’s field training in Thailand at the time, boarded a plane to Korea and received a medical test. He immediately joined Hanoi, Vietnam, a battery training site in Pohang. It was the result of a quick and quick decision. He was given the task of filling Shin Jin-ho’s vacancy right away. In various media outlets, he was dubbed ‘Shin Jin-ho Substitute’.

“I heard reports that I came as a replacement for (Shin) Jin-ho’s departure. I wonder if (Director Kim) will use me a lot for that position. If the modifier ‘Shin Jin-ho’s replacement’ is not burdensome, it would be a lie. But, It is also my role to erase it. On the other hand, I am confident that I can do better than my brother, so I look forward to it.”

Kim Jong-woo also shared a story of luck during the transfer process. He said, “(Gwangju) coach told me not to go, but I had a long conversation with coach Lee Jeong-hyo.” He gave me advice, such as ‘Hara’.” Kim Jong-woo said that he solved the emotional problems that he hadn’t been able to solve with director Lee. He recalled, “I talked about the difficult part because I couldn’t play a lot last season, and I cried a lot when I said hello. I think I had a lot of hate. I felt sorry and regretful.”

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