Lee Young-jae, ‘sergeant’s salary deprivation’, shoots a coffee truck to commemorate the 200th game

Lee Young-jae presents a coffee truck to fans to commemorate his 200th professional appearance.

Sangmu Kim Cheon will play a home game against 7R Bucheon FC of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ at Gimcheon Sports Complex on the 15th. In the home game against Bucheon, Sangmu Kim holds a surprise event for the fans. Captain Lee Young-jae plans to present 200 cups of coffee to fans to commemorate his 200th professional appearance.

This reverse tribute event started with the suggestion of Lee Young-jae, who was about to be discharged at the end of June. From planning to execution, everything was Lee Young-jae’s idea. This event contains the deep meaning of Lee Young-jae, the captain who wants to express his gratitude to his fans.

Lee Young-jae said, “I was truly grateful to the fans who always supported me, both home and away. He wanted to repay the fans ahead of his discharge, so he suggested it to the club because he wanted to pay tribute to the 200th game.”

Lee Young-jae’s heart for fans was evident in last year’s K-League 1 home game. In the match against Incheon on September 18, just before the final round, Lee Young-jae led the team to victory with the winning goal. Lee Young-jae’s winning goal was all the more meaningful as the team had not won in their 7th home game. In an interview with MOM after the match, Lee Young-jae shed tears as he expressed his gratitude to the fans.

Lee Young-jae opened his wallet to repay not only individual fans but also all fans who support Kim Cheon. Considering that the sergeant’s monthly salary in 2023 is 1 million won, Lee Young-jae spent his entire month’s salary to hold a tribute event for fans. 메이저놀이터

Lee Young-jae said, “In a way, our players have decided to part with their fans. After one and a half years of military service, he returns to his original team. Nevertheless, I was really touched by the sincere and constant support of the players. We want to create better memories with our fans through small events.”

Professional sports and fans are inseparable from each other. Through the reverse tribute event, Lee Young-jae proved the dignity of a captain who sincerely cares for his fans.

Meanwhile, Gimcheon plans to hold a ceremony celebrating Lee Young-jae’s 200th professional appearance in the home game against Bucheon FC on the 15th.

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