Lesson learned from injury, Samsung Yang Chang-seop is ready to jump

In 2022, Samsung Lions pitcher Yang Chang-seop’s clock began to turn again. Since his first game of the season, he has won his first start in 1300 days, and has won two starts in a row. Yang Chang-seop’s 2022 season seemed to be a year of resurrection. 

However, Yang Chang-seop’s momentum did not last long. Also, his injuries caught up with him. In April, he left the first team again due to shoulder pain, and returned to the mound in August, but his performance was not good. Yang Chang-seop’s 2022 season stopped at 6 games in the 1st team. 

Yang Chang-seop, who wore a Samsung uniform as the 2nd pick in the 2nd round of the 2018 rookie draft, suffered from frequent injuries. Yang Chang-seop, who underwent medial ligament splicing and bone fragment removal surgery in March of the 2019 season, returned at the end of 2020 after a long rehabilitation tunnel. He couldn’t shake off the evil spirit properly. 

Yang Chang-seop, who looked back on last year, said, “I was not ready. I threw the ball while my body wasn’t perfect in the hurry to show something after recovering from an injury, so it was overloaded.” Every time, the pain remained, and there was also anxiety. If I wasn’t sick, I would have thrown with confidence, but I think I was too impatient.” 

Can we see a change in the new season in 2023? Fortunately, Yang Chang-seop said that unlike last year, he was completely free from pain. He said confidently, “Last year when I threw the ball in the off-season, I was anxious because of shoulder pain, but this year I have never felt that way.” 

Yang Chang-seop said, “Last year, during the off-season, I didn’t throw the ball for more than two or three weeks, and then suddenly threw it, so it seems that my shoulders were strained. I am looking forward to it more than last year because I didn’t lose my level.” He added that changing the off-season training method to increase flexibility instead of weights was also effective. 먹튀검증

Injuries, injuries, and more injuries. The player himself and the people around him could have given up, but Yang Chang-seop stood up again. Yang Chang-seop said that this was possible because of the trainers and coaches who believed in his resurrection and constantly studied and managed it, as well as the fans who generously supported him. 

He said, “The coaches and trainers have worked really hard. During the long rehabilitation period, they studied together, found a way to throw without pain, and gave them constant encouragement and gave them confidence. Listening to advice that will become blood and flesh, communicate together and overcome it. Little by little, I got better and gained confidence. The voices of the fans who did not give up and cheered me on were a great source of strength,” he said with a bright smile.

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