‘Mapo-gu Messi’ rises… Selected as Super Match ‘Couple Pick’, full of attractions

This round’s ‘Couple Pick’ is a super match.

Coupang Play will broadcast the ‘Super Match’ between FC Seoul vs. Suwon Samsung in the 8th round of Hana 1 Q K League 1 held at Seoul World Cup Stadium on the 22nd (Sat) at 2:00 pm, exclusively digitally from 12:45 pm.

Super Match is one of the fiercest and most popular derbies in the K-League. Out of 65 matches so far, Seoul has won 28 and Suwon has won 20. The draw is 17 times. Seoul, which has the upper hand in the overall record, took the lead with 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in 5 super matches last year.

The Super Match, which was selected as the K-League 1 Round 8 ‘Couple Pick’ relay, will be relayed by caster Jeong Yong-gum and commentator Han Jun-hee, who are hotly responding to fans with their lively relay screens and their tense conversations. In addition, SNL Korea’s Jung Sang-hoon, who is active in various fields such as movies and entertainment, will appear and show viewers various things to see and enjoy. Jung Sang-hoon gave a big laugh by transforming into director Paulo Bento and Lionel Messi in SNL last December, so attention is focused on what kind of character he will appear this time.

Attention is focusing on how the two teams, which drew 0-0 in the last super match last October, prepared for their first confrontation this year. Both Seoul, which is in 4th place with 4 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses this season (13 points) in the regular season, and Suwon in 12th place, desperate for a rebound, are desperate for points as they have yet to win with 2 draws and 5 losses in the opening 7 games. In particular, it is Suwon’s first game after manager Lee Byung-geun was sacked on the 18th and Acting Manager Choi Seong-yong took the helm. This is why the first interview of Acting Director Choi Seong-ryong in the preview show of ‘Couple Pick’ is expected.

As the K-League 1 runs towards the middle of the season, the attention of domestic soccer fans is also focused. Coupang Play provides a variety of attractions through ‘Couple Pick’ to meet the eye level of these soccer fans. ‘Couple Pick’ is a game directly produced and exclusively transmitted by Coupang Play, starting with Tanaka in the K League 1 opening game, Kim A-young in the 2nd round, Lee Chun-soo and Lee Eul-yong in the 3rd round, and Lee Su-ji in the 4th round, giving soccer fans a big laugh. . Through a preview show that analyzes strength while listening to the coaches of both teams before the game, and a halftime show full of various contents, ‘Couple Pick’ has become a ‘hot’ relay content for soccer fans. Coupang Play plans to continue its unrivaled move in the soccer relay field by securing additional various soccer relay content as well as K-League relay.

What is Kuple Pick?

Kouple Pick is trying to raise the original quality of the game by introducing up to 17 cameras, racing drones, and super slow cams to produce and exclusively transmit its own relays. Through this, fans can enjoy the game with a high sense of immersion through vivid relay screens, as if watching the game directly in the stadium, without blind spots during the 90-minute game. 메이저놀이터

Real-time chatting during the game encourages active communication among fans, and helps viewers follow the flow of the game more deeply by providing dominance and pass maps for both teams using real-time data. In addition, Coupang Play also provides professional data such as ‘Arena’ that enables real-time player tracking, ‘Libero’ that allows you to check tactics and player movements, and professional data such as the distribution of passes by club and expected goal value during the game.

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