“Mbappe, get out or you’ll rot on the bench for the rest of the year.” Prepare a PSG prescription.

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and its star Kylian Mbappe may have crossed the river of no return.

The Mirror, a British newspaper, reported on Friday (Nov. 25) that “Mbappe is the hottest topic in soccer right now. PSG have left him out of their pre-season tour squad. The decision has sparked considerable backlash and intense debate.

It’s about money.

Mbappe’s contract with PSG ends in the summer of 2024. PSG wants to re-sign him, which would leave Mbappe a free agent. PSG will have to let Mbappe go without collecting a dime in transfer fees.

PSG would then have to sell Mbappe in the summer transfer window to collect the transfer fee. But Mbappe refuses to do so. Mbappe wants to leave on a free at the end of his contract.

The Mirror says: “Mbappe’s contract has an option to extend until 2025. Mbappe has made it clear that he will not exercise it. Mbappe wants to move to Real Madrid. Mbappe’s relationship with PSG is at an all-time low.

PSG are also preparing to keep Mbappe on the bench for the entire year.

The Mirror reports that PSG have not ruled out this extreme option, saying: ‘PSG could banish Mbappe from the first team and leave him to rot in the stands all season. 메이저놀이터

Meanwhile, a mega offer arrived from Saudi Arabia.

‘Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal have offered a record £259m (around €300m, £42bn),’ the Mirror reported. PSG accepted. The Saudis are willing to tie Mbappe down to a one-year deal and then let him go to Real.

This could be a win-win deal for Mbappe, PSG, Al-Hilal and Real.

However, Mbappe has no intention of leaving Europe. ‘Mbappe is not interested in Saudi,’ says the Mirror. PSG are not in a position to force Mbappe to leave. If Mbappe refuses to move, PSG could keep him on the bench for an entire season,” suggesting that a happy ending is unlikely.

The Mirror added: ‘PSG will be disappointed and angry, but ultimately there is little they can do. There is little power they can actually wield.

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