Minor league salary at least doubled, MLB and player agreement negotiations in progress

According to the deal between the Minor League Players Union and the Major League Secretariat (MLB), the environment for minor league players will be greatly improved.

‘ESPN’ reported on the 30th (Korean time) that the first historic collective bargaining agreement (CBA) negotiations for minor league players between the Minor League Players Union and MLB are underway. The contract is for five years and guarantees at least double the annual salary at all minor league levels.

According to the report, the low-single A will rise from $11,000 to $26,200, and the high-single A will rise from $11,000 to $27,300. Double A will increase from $13,800 to $30,250, and Triple A will increase from $17,500 to $358 million. Going forward, minor league players will be able to receive salaries year-round, except for a six-week winter break.

The above media said, “Because it is the first CBA for minor leaguers, there are many details that need to be looked at closely. The player leadership has ratified it, but a vote for all players is scheduled for the 31st. After negotiations with the working-level team, major league owners must agree.” explained the process. 카지노

The minor leagues were first approved by the MLB in September of last year to form a players union. As minor league players were allowed to join a union, the path to their group activities was opened for the first time, and they could expect an improved environment.

In the meantime, the environmental difference between the major and minor leagues has resulted in many players’ dissatisfaction. Unlike the major leaguers who naturally make billions of dollars, some minor leaguers did not receive sufficient salaries and continued their careers by taking side jobs.

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