MLB builds an automatic ball judging system in 30 minor triple-A ballparks

ESPN cited a source on the 13th that the US Professional Baseball (MLB) secretariat is operating an automatic ball-strike judgment system (ABS, so-called robot referee) in 30 minor league triple-A stadiums this year. (Korean time) reported.

After four years of robot referee testing, it seems to be undergoing the final test in Triple A, a level just below the big leagues, ahead of the introduction of the major leagues in the not-so-distant future.

In the remaining 15 ballparks, it is conducted by requesting a reading of whether it is a strike or a ball.

It is similar to a request to check 바카라 whether a ball has landed on the court or gone outside by using a precise Hawkeye system in professional tennis.

Each team has the right to request a ball/strike review three times per game, and will retain the opportunity to request a call if the review finds the request correct.

MLB plans to collect various data and responses from officials through robot referee tests conducted in different ways.

The MLB Secretariat partnered with an independent league in 2019 to test ABS for the first time in the Atlantic League. In the same year, it was introduced to the Arizona Fall League, a contest for minor league prospects.

In 2021, it was expanded to minor league single-A games, and last year, it expanded the scope of application to some Triple-A games.

Players, coaches, and coaches poured out favorable reviews in terms of fairness and transparency when ABS judged rather than humans.

ESPN predicted that if the ABS or ABS reading request system is implemented, the referee’s ball/strike decision controversy will be reduced in the decisive match, and the role of the catcher will also change.

Catchers have traditionally been skilled in framing techniques to effectively catch the pitcher’s ball and receive a strike judgment, but with the introduction of ABS, strikes and balls are judged by machines, so you only need to focus on blocking and throwing the bouncing ball.

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