‘Now the best’ Kim Gwang-hyun, “The goal is to win”

Kim Gwang-hyun, the oldest pitcher and ace of the World Baseball Classic team, left for the United States to prepare for the tournament. He said he was confident that he would win everything, and set the goal of ‘conquest’.

This is reporter Jeon Young-min.


In 2009, at the age of 21, Kim Gwang-hyun experienced the best ever runner-up finish as the youngest member of the national team’s pitching team at the WBC.

[Kim Gwang-hyun/SSG Landers Pitcher: When I was young, when I played (in the WBC tournament), it was such a great experience that one game was more precious than a real season.]

35-year-old Kim Gwang-hyun is now a father of two children,

[Dad I am sad to go to America. Dad doesn’t play with me all the time.]

[Kim Gwang-hyun/SSG Landers Pitcher: I’m doing it for the country, so I hope you understand. (To the children) I always seem to be a lacking father.]

After 14 years, I became the best pitcher on the national team with Yang Hyeon-jong at the WBC.

He dyed his hair dark blue, the color of the baseball team, and made up his mind to ‘lead by example’.

[Kim Gwang-hyun/SSG Landers Pitcher: I’ve never been the best… . 메이저사이트 There are a lot of young players, and I think I need to step up and help myself.]

As he has already built up his body early in Okinawa, Japan for three weeks, he plans to start bullpen pitching as soon as he goes to the United States.

It is the determination to run with the goal of winning all the championships beyond the semifinals that the national team set as a goal.

[Kim Gwang-hyun/SSG Landers pitcher: I will always play with the mindset that I must win unconditionally, with the goal of always winning. I am confident that I can overcome any game.

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