Orioles push for contract to use new ballpark

The Baltimore Orioles, a major league team, are pursuing a new contract with the state of Maryland, which is related to the use of the stadium and development of the surrounding area.

The Orioles club and Maryland Governor Wes Moore announced in a joint statement on the 2nd (Korean time) that the two sides plan to pursue a long-term contract to develop their home stadium, Camden Yards, and the surrounding area.

They plan to pursue long-term contracts that “will make Camden Yards more attractive to sports tourists and maximize Maryland taxpayer investments.”

According to the local media’Baltimore Sun’, the Orioles chose to pursue a new long-term contract rather than rejecting the option to extend the Camden Yards lease for five years.
The Orioles, who have been using Camden Yards as their home stadium since 1992, have a rental agreement that expires in 2023. Until then, a new agreement must be reached. 메이저사이트 According to the Baltimore Sun, if an agreement is reached, a 10- to 15-year contract will be announced mid-July during the All-Star break.

If the two sides smoothly agree on the contract, at least concerns over the transfer of ointment will be alleviated. The Angelos family, which owns the club, have emphasized several times that there is no transfer of ointment, but predictions have been raised that the team may move the ointment due to court disputes within the family and expiration of the stadium lease contract.

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