Pogba’s strong urge… ‘Juventus, recruit Manchester United’s most controversial FW!’

Paul Pogba (Juventus) strongly urged the club. It was a voice asking to sign a Manchester United striker.

The player Pogba wants is Manchester United’s most controversial player, Mason Greenwood. He is a controversial player. Greenwood sparked controversy when he was accused of sexual assault, and was recently acquitted after a sexual assault charge was dropped. 토토사이트

Greenwood is awaiting a return to Manchester United. However, United have yet to make a decision to return, and Greenwood’s future at United is uncertain. He has a contract with Manchester United until 2025. In this situation, Juventus is trying to scout Greenwood.

England’s ‘The Sun’ said, “Pogba is urging Juventus to sign Greenwood. All charges of sexual assault have been dropped, but it is still unclear whether Manchester United will use him. In this situation, Juventus is discussing with Greenwood’s agent. In particular, Manchester United Pogba, who had the experience of working together in the show, is using his strength.”It’s not just Juventus who want Greenwood. The media explained, “Along with Juventus, AC Milan and AS Roma are also lining up to provide Greenwood with a fresh start.”

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