Raised eyes, curious about the German chairman’s blueprint

Ahead of the 2022 Qatar World Cup finals, Germany, the ‘tank corps’, had a final temper with Oman. Germany was in Group E of the Dead with Spain, Japan and Costa Rica at the World Cup.

Oman was selected because it was a country not far from Qatar, and it was a good opportunity to indirectly experience performance in the same group as Japan in the Asian final qualifiers. Oman shook the early composition with a surprise 1-0 victory in the first game, an expedition to Japan.

Of course, due to a lack of support, Japan and Saudi Arabia were allowed to advance to the finals, and they were pushed out by Australia, so they could not dream of advancing to the playoffs. However, it showed that it was a formidable opponent, meeting Japan again at home and losing 0-1, and showed its potential by winning China 2-0.

Germany conserved its strength and dealt with arrogance, but struggled to counterattack. It was only in the 35th minute of the second half that Niklas Pilkruk (Werder Bremen) scored the winning goal to win 1-0. At that time, in preparation for the World Cup in Qatar, Oman shook Germany psychologically to such an extent that a fellow reporter who was watching a live broadcast of the Oman-Germany match through satellite broadcasting in Qatar said, “That’s how Germany will lose.”

In the end, Germany, which failed to properly attack the defense of Oman, fell victim to Japan’s counterattack in the final match and lost 1-2. Even after defeating Costa Rica 4-2 in a 1-1 draw with Spain, Germany was eliminated on goal difference. . In German history, following the 0-2 defeat against Korea at the 2018 World Cup in Russia, they faced the futile situation of being defeated and eliminated by Asian teams in two consecutive tournaments.

The Oman-Germany match was cited as an example to let people know that as the gap in world football is getting narrower, a leader who leads the national team needs to study extensively. Considering the possibility of meeting Oman in the second or final qualifying round for the 2026 North and Central America World Cup in the future, it is necessary to tread carefully from Asia.

Of course, there are not many experts who believe that Korea will not be able to advance to the final due to an increase in Asian participation from 4.5 to 8.5 in the 48-country system. This is the same as having to turn one’s eyes to the main line and having a suitable leader command the Taegeuk Warriors.

It is true that the process of appointing the national team coach is obviously slow compared to Japan, which renewed the contract with head coach Hajime Moriyasu. If Japan trusted Moriyas for continuity, Korea was unable to renew the contract with coach Paulo Bento, who led the second away World Cup round of 16, and a vacuum was created, creating a situation where they had to look at the leader with a long breath.

Regarding the new coach, the opinion that ‘domestic leaders are good’ and the standards based on Bento’s philosophy of ‘unconditionally overseas leaders’ continue to collide after the World Cup. Coach Bento set up a ‘division’, including senior coach Sergio Costa, and stayed in Korea, passionately conducting, and creating a steady process of forward-oriented based on build-up, succeeding in realizing a leading game without being pushed by the name value of a strong team.

Of course, there are variables that are different from previous World Cups. Qatar did not move, so the players consumed less physical strength outside of the game. However, on the contrary, injuries occurred one after another in the tight game schedule, and in the round of 16, they could not keep up with Brazil’s tempo, so they lost the initiative in the early stages and gave up their dream of making the quarterfinals. In North and Central America, it is inevitable to move to large areas such as Canada, the United States, and Mexico. It is the national team that confirmed the realistic task of scientific physical fitness management. At the same time, the need to reorganize the system for managing the body of players was also confirmed. 메이저놀이터

This requires that the coach sufficiently understand sports science as well as the Korean environment, such as the tactical trends of world football, coordination with the Football Association, which is increasingly commercially valued, and adjustment of the use of national team players by age group. It is also necessary to understand the players whose voices are getting louder and to transplant and utilize the trends of modern soccer. It is also necessary to show excellence in maximizing player utilization and finding new faces in individual tactical capabilities.

The fact that German national Michael Müller, head of the Technical Development Committee, was appointed as the head of the National Power Enhancement Committee, in front of common tasks for both domestic and foreign people and the process of preparing for another 4 years, is a sign that the Football Association is laying the foundation for the future based on past experiences. There are many evaluations that it is intended.

It is difficult to expect that a foreign coach will be appointed simply because Chairman Müller has been appointed, but it is also true that there are relatively high expectations. The fact that he has been with the German Football Association for a long time and has experience in coaching and scouting for the national team by age means that the possibility of appointing an all-inclusive leader has increased.

It’s hard to deny that everyone knows that Germany has a strong league and an advanced national team system, even though Germany has collapsed twice in the World Cup.

This is why attention is focused on the blueprint that Chairman Muller will reveal on the 11th in Korean football, where expectations have been soaring since the World Cup.

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