Reinforce the midfield by recruiting Pohang and Gwangju midfield commander Kim Jong-woo

Pohang Steelers announced on the 20th that they have strengthened their midfield by recruiting midfielder Kim Jong-woo from Gwangju FC.

Kim Jong-woo made his debut on loan to Suwon FC immediately after joining Suwon Samsung in 2015. In his debut year, he recorded 4 points and 9 assists in 32 K-League 2 games, and played an active role as the first contributor to Suwon FC’s promotion that year. Kim Jong-woo, who returned to Suwon Samsung in 2016, the following year, played a 슬롯사이트 major role in midfield, scoring 6 points and 7 assists in 76 K-League 1 matches as a member of Suwon Samsung until 2020. Kim Jong-woo, who moved to Gwangju in 2021, has been active as a key resource in midfield while going through Gwangju’s relegation and promotion for two years.

Kim Jong-woo is a player who utilizes space widely based on a lot of activity and actively breaks through in the attacking area. Not only that, but he can also supply sharp passes forward, showing the ability to properly mix penetration and passing in the attacking area. With Kim Jong-woo joining, Pohang have another option to attack their opponents in the midfield.

Kim Jong-woo, who finished the medical test on the 20th, joins the winter training camp in Hanoi, Vietnam, by plane at 6:00 pm on the same day, and matches hands and feet with the existing Pohang players.

Kim Jongwoo Profile
• Midfielder, 1993.10.1, 181cm 73kg, Maetango-Sunmoon University
• Suwon Samsung (2015-2020) – Suwon FC (2015) – Gwangju FC (2021-2022)
• K-League total 151 matches 18 20 assists scored

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