Run when you go out! Declaration of war against ‘8 billion catchers’… ‘1G 7 stolen bases’ recalling Lotte’s weakness

Why did the Lotte Giants invest a whopping 8 billion won to recruit Yoo Kang-nam? The reason became clear.

Lotte lost 2-7 in an exhibition game against the LG Twins held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 18th.

Since it was an exhibition game, Barnes and Kelly, who started out, went down the mound in four innings. The mound, the field operation, and the aggressiveness of the tactics all had a strong test nature.

However, the test can yield meaningful results. This is because you can know the opponent’s preparation or response level by trying to go one step further than usual.

Gangnam Yoo did not participate in the game that drew attention with the ‘Yoo Gangnam Derby’. It was only captured that he greeted the players of his parent team affectionately before the game.

On this day, the starting mask was worn by Lee Jung-hoon. From the beginning of the 6th inning, Ji Ji-wan, who came on as a pinch hitter, was in charge of the living room. Both players are catchers who have been pointed out as relatively weak in defensive power.

The start was once. Oh Ji-hwan, who hit a timely hit to take the lead, immediately stole second base. When Park Dong-Won’s timely hit followed, he stepped on the groove.

In the second inning, Moon Bo-gyeong, who went out with a double, stole the third base after a run. Then, Song Chan-eui’s sacrifice fly came out, leading to another score. 토토사이트

Commentator Lee Dae-hyung, a ‘base stealer’, pointed out, “LG players seem to steal bases at the right time. There are cases where they just run when the pitcher raises his leg, rather than running after watching.”

Lotte Battery did not miss this either. In the beginning of the 3rd inning, Seongju Moon and in the beginning of the 5th, Song Chanui were caught as checks.

If it was a regular season, LG might have been careful about this. However, this stage is an exhibition game. LG ran and ran again and again. And the gains thus obtained were directly linked to scoring.

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