Seoul, ‘one club man’ Ko Yohan, Go Gwangmin, Hwang Hyeonsu + Hwang Seongmin renewed contracts

FC Seoul re-signed contracts with 4 people including Ko Yo-won during the Stove League period.

On the 24th, Seoul said, “We signed a new contract with Koh Kwang-min, Hwang Seong-min, and Hwang Hyun-soo. The four players who are preparing for the new season in Thailand expressed their determination to show a great image that meets the fans’ expectations.” Koh Kwang-min and Hwang Hyeon-soo, who are calm, are representative Seoul’s one-club man.

After joining Seoul in 2004, midfielder Ko Yo-han wore the Seoul uniform for nearly 20 years and shared the rise and fall of the team. He suffered an injury at the beginning of last season and was out for the season. His career record in the K-League was 360 games, 34 goals and 30 assists.

Ko Yo-yeon was the last to join Hua Hin, Thailand, a training ground in Seoul on the 23rd. As a result, Seoul is training as a ‘complete team’ with transfer students and existing players such as Lim Sang-hyeop, Park Soo-il, Lee Si-young, Kim Kyung-min, Kwon Wan-gyu, Choi Cheol-won, Aish, and Willian.

Side defender Ko Kwang-min joined Seoul in 2011 and played for Seoul for a total of 10 seasons until last season. 토토사이트 The K-League record was 188 matches, 5 goals and 13 assists. He made 10 appearances last season and scored 1 goal.

Centerback Hwang Hyeon-soo has been active in Seoul since 2014. He appeared in 7 games last season. His career record in the K-League was 9 goals and 3 assists in 124 games. 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games gold medal member.

Goalkeeper Hwang Seong-min made his professional debut with Chungju in 2013 and played for Ansan, Jeju and Gyeongnam before joining Seoul last year and playing in one league game. This season, Yang Han-bin (Cereso) is competing with Choi Cheol-won for the starting goalkeeper spot.

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