“Soccer is Yeongdeok’s discipline”… Aspirations of 35,000 Yeongdeok-gun dreaming of becoming a soccer cradle

Population 35,000 people. It may be a small city, but Yeongdeok in North Gyeongsang Province is quite a big city when it comes to soccer. It has produced notable soccer figures such as Shin Tae-yong, coach of the Indonesian national soccer team, Park Tae-ha, technical director of the Korea Professional Football Federation, Kim Jin-kyu, FC Seoul coach, Son Jun-ho, Incheon United midfielder, and Jeon Eun-ha, the women’s national soccer team.

Not only that. Yeongdeok is one of the emerging mecca of youth football. Many elementary, middle, and high school teams visit this place for field training, and Yeongdeok also hosts several youth soccer tournaments, providing a background for young players to grow through fierce competition. On the 14th, along with <Best Eleven> and Pohang MBC, an agreement was signed to hold the Football Festa, a stage for elementary school club players, for four years from 2023 to 2026. Gwang-Yeol Kim, Mayor of Yeongdeok County, who attended the signing ceremony, showed great satisfaction in preparing another stage for the youth players.

Governor Kim said, “Our Yeongdeok is a city with a well-equipped football infrastructure. We will do our best not to experience any inconvenience in terms of facilities and operation so that we can help young footballers grow in Yeongdeok in the future.” They showed their will to do their best to make the event a success.

He emphasized that Yeongdeok has been preparing for the past ten years to establish itself as a mecca for youth football, and that it is now in the stage of leap forward. “We have prepared the facility infrastructure 10 years ago, and we want to plan for the future,” said Kim. Also, as one of the representative ‘football towns’, I have experience in hosting various competitions, so I am confident that I can live more comfortably compared to other cities in terms of participating teams. I will try to attract more competitions.” showed enthusiasm. 메이저놀이터

Gunsu Kim showed great pride in the fact that Yeongdeok is the birthplace of star players. After saying , “Football has been the martial art of Yeongdeok since ancient times , ” Kim said, “The population of Yeongdeok is only about 35,000. Shin Tae-yong, coach of the Indonesian national soccer team, and Son Jun-ho stepped on the pitch at the recent 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. In addition, numerous national teams have been produced. They are the pride of our young virtue.”

“Thanks to this, the interest and enthusiasm of the people in the county is really hot. This is why Yeongdeok-do is also eager to market soccer and host competitions. Because the response from the people is so great, it has gained considerable strength to continue this business as a military governor. There is,” said the local atmosphere.

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