Son Heung-min, racist criminal, after investigation, ‘football field ban’

A Chelsea fan who made racist gestures to Son Heung-min during the game received a ‘football ban’ after an investigation.

England’s ‘Football London’ said on the 3rd (Korean time), “A 30-year-old Chelsea fan was banned from entering the soccer field for racist behavior targeting Son Heung-min. Chelsea confirmed his identity and he admitted to making a gesture to the police. Prosecutors said He was fined £726 (approximately 1.14 million won) by the London Magistrates’ Court and ordered to be banned from the football field for three years.”

The incident occurred in the second round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2022-23 season held in August of last year. As Son Heung-min approached to kick the corner, a fan in the stands raised his hands and teared his eyes out. It was a gesture of demeaning Asians. The scene was caught on relay cameras and spread rapidly through social media. 오락실 토토

At the time, after the match, Chelsea officially announced on the club website, “The club has responded to any form of discriminatory behavior with zero tolerance. Those who engage in heinous discriminatory behavior have no place at Chelsea.” “There are fools who practice discrimination. They are not our true supporters. We are investigating the case and will take strong action.”

Eventually, the supporter was unable to set foot on the soccer field. “Football is a passionate sport, but racism will never be tolerated. We will continue to encourage anyone who sees or experiences this kind of behavior to report it to the police,” according to Football London. explained.

Although the EPL is home to all world class players, the issue of racial discrimination has been going on for decades. The EPL secretariat is conducting a ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign to eradicate racism, and a patch reading ‘No Room For Racism’ was engraved on 20 club uniforms.

However, it is not improving at all. Son Heung-min was also racially discriminated against at West Ham United in the 24th round of the EPL just a few days ago. He said strong discipline is important, but measures to prevent recurrence are also urgent.

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