SON is back?! “Time to recover… I will wear a mask and run”

Tottenham Hotspur fans are looking forward to Son Heung-min’s return.

Son Heung-min showed off his fighting spirit at the World Cup in Qatar. He walked the ground wearing a mask even though he was not in perfect physical condition.

Wearing the captain’s armband, Son Heung-min commanded the Republic of Korea on the ground and led the great feat of advancing to the round of 16 in 12 years.

In particular, in the third match of the group stage against Portugal, which was a watershed for advancing to the round of 16, he helped Hwang Hee-chan’s winning 메이저사이트 goal with a pass that showed outstanding judgment after a reckless breakthrough.

After completing the World Cup journey, Son Heung-min said, “I was able to overcome it with your unwavering support. He felt the 1% chance was really great. Thank you for allowing me to stand here.”

Neymar, who faced South Korea in the round of 16, applauded Son Heung-min’s post by commenting ‘legendary’.

The Tottenham fan site ‘To the Rain and Back’ looked forward to a quick comeback while shedding light on the social media issues of Son Heung-min and Neymar.

‘To the Rain and Back’ looked forward to participating, saying, “Son Heung-min will have time to recover before the season resumes.”

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