Suwon, one of the best early slumps in K-League history

Suwon Samsung has not won so far this season for the 6th round. 

Suwon is in 12th place, the bottom of the K-League 1, with 2 points (2 draws and 4 losses). Jeju United, who were in last place in the 5th round, escaped from the Museung Swamp and Suwon fell to the bottom.

Fans’ anger reached its peak. Last month, he had already blocked the bus twice to express his dissatisfaction with the club. A cheering boycott was also conducted through the previous home game against Gangwon FC. I heard voices cheering for the players individually, but the group cheering did not proceed as predicted. In addition, criticism such as ‘front desk, coaches, and players without ambition, get out immediately, Suwon has always refused to be third-rate’ appeared on the field.

Last year, Suwon managed to remain in the first division by playing the promotion playoff (PO) for the first time in the history of the club. This season, they promised to rebuild their reputation, saying that it would be different, but only the club’s lowest points per round have been updated. Even last year, when the team was on the verge of relegation, the number of points at the end of the 6th round was 6 points, 4 points higher than this year. It’s a much more shaky start.

This is the first time this year has been so sluggish that the victory point was only 2 points until the 6th round. During the six rounds from 1996, the founding season, to last year, the lowest score was 5 points (2009, 2017, 2020).

Even when looking at all the clubs in the 40-year history of the K-League, Suwon’s start is sluggish enough to be singled out. As of the 6th round, we failed to take any points at all (Bucheon SK in 2003 season, Gangwon in 2011 season, Daejeon Citizen in 2012 season) and only got 1 point in 5 times (Kookmin Bank Magpie in 1983 season, Jeonbuk Buffalo in 1994 season, Cheonan Ilhwa in 1998 season). Chunma, Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2001 season, Daejeon Citizen in 2015 season). Suwon is in ninth place in the sluggish order at the time of the 6th round. 메이저놀이터

Seongnam FC, which was relegated to the bottom of the previous season, had 2 points at the end of the 6th round, the same as Suwon this year. This is why Suwon fans are trembling with anxiety.

It is urgent to pierce the blood through the first victory. The next opponent is 10th place Jeju, and it is also a chance for Suwon when looking at the ranking alone. However, the rebound does not come by itself. As director Lee Byung-geun said at the press conference, only by “putting heads together” and finding a way to overcome the current bleak situation can the reconstruction of the famous family be realized.

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