Suwon Samsung to Oh Hyeon-gyu… “I’ll cheer you on for a great performance”

K-League 1 Suwon Samsung sent a cheering message to Oh Hyun-gyu, who confirmed his transfer to Scotland Celtic.

On the 25th, Celtic and Suwon both announced the transfer of Oh Hyun-gyu through their official websites.

Celtic said, “We are delighted to announce the recruitment of Oh Hyun-gyu,” and said, “Oh Hyun-gyu will play for Celtic for five years.”

Suwon also sent a message of support to Oh Hyun-gyu.

Along with a photo with the phrase “SO LONG Hyeon-gyu”, Suwon said, “Oh Hyeon-gyu, who was responsible for Suwon Samsung’s attack in the 2022 season, will advance to the European league. Following Kwon Chang-hoon and Jung Sang-bin, he is the third player from youth to enter Europe.” 메이저놀이터 Oh Hyeon-kyu, who passed the 2018, will play an active part in Glasgow Celtic, Scotland.”

From the words “SO LONG Hyeon-gyu”, it seems that they promise to meet again someday.

At the same time, he encouraged, saying, “The club will support Oh Hyun-kyu’s new future and great performance.”

Oh Hyun-kyu, who played an active role as the head of a boy with the most goals and the only double-digit goal in the team last season, was called by former national team coach Paulo Bento to participate in the Qatar World Cup as a reserve member.

Celtic, who noticed Oh’s talent, showed active interest from last year. Initially, Suwon planned to appoint Oh Hyeon-gyu as a key striker for the new season, but allowed the transfer at Oh Hyeon-gyu’s strong request.

The transfer fee of 4 billion won, which increased by about 3 times from the initial offer of 1.5 billion won, and the annual salary, which was increased by 10 times the amount received in the K-League, were also reasons for the transfer of Oh Hyun-kyu.

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